Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A little "Psyched" or NOT!

Sunday, I met up with the girls and we went to a Psychic Fair. I haven't been to one of those in years and we have been talking about having a psychic party for some time. I had no plans on getting my cards read or anything, but I anticipated that some of the other girls would. It was a let down to find out that no one but Renee was willing to fork over the $50- price tag for a 15 minute reading. I might have, just for fun paid $30- for 15 minutes, but that $50- price tag had most of us done before we even started.
 Lets not to mention the admission price to this tiny display of everything supernatural was $7-. Maybe I am just not as into this kind of stuff as I once was, but it all was terribly disappointing. Even the psychic's that lined the back walls with their little booths were OPEN and ready for customers, the entire time we were there. Any past experience with these "fairs" have had wait times and long lines. Even the items for sale seemed highly priced. I noted a really pretty necklace and after viewing the $700- price tag I was shocked.
 Here is Renee with Deb her psychic. She reportedly gained some insight and was happy to have her spirts read . She even tear'd up a bit when referencing her deceased Grandmother as being present with her. Glad she enjoyed herself. We did get some free bags from gotangel.com. and you all know how much I love FREE, there was also some neat displays and I thought these rocks were really cool. (but I refuse to pay for rocks...sorry).
 We finally all decided that we had seen enough and even with some begging from me, the other girls refused to get a reading. I spoke with a few of the clearly BOARD psychics about my own tarot reading history, and my frusteration with my friends for not obtaining readings themselves. Both Cathy and Doreen admitted they were a little scared, and Molly like me who has had these done in the past, refused to pay the piper. After we had circled and re-circled and circled at least five more times the small space allotted for this event, we agreed we had seen enough and made our way to brunch at Denny's.
I love Denny's and I have not ben in years. I had my traditional burger and fries and even added ranch dressing. Molly has been doing weight watchers and has lost nearly 40 pounds, Way to go girl, Of course I felt like a royal pig as she calculated her points for her lunch. I'll get there soon. We had a nice time together and despite discussion around planning, it appears that it is unlikely that we will all get together again like this until after the Holidays. These busy times can make you crazy. After the lunch I tried to listen to Renee's session that was recorded with difficulty from the background noise, so instead I let her verbalize what she remembered. Once home I took a quick nap and was off to work at the Willows inpatient. I was there till 12:30am.....I'd prefer not to do that crazy shift again.