Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Surpise in Watertown, NY

Hoping that my computer will let me type and post. Please bare with me. I'm not sure if I noted that most of earlier this week I worked Monday and Tuesday. It was, shall we say, uneventful. I did however find that this Seasons American Horror Story is on demand and watched the second and third episode, but didn't catch up yet, so I might spend some time today watching. Yesterday I was scheduled to attend a FREE OASAS training in Watertown NY at Credo Substance abuse treatment center. I found last week that Mary (one of my co-workers) was attending as well so we coordinated a car pool. She drove and I made plans to take her to lunch. The training was okay, I learned a few things, but not a whole lot, and honestly I don't work with many Military people. It was a FREE six hour class so I got my hours was respectful through the presenters and anticipated a day with Mary. The training was short and we skipped through lunch to get done early. Then Mary and I were off to find lunch. I suggested something they do not have in our local area. We found this place called the Tilted Kilt.

We thought it was similar to one of those restaurant chains like Chili's or Tully's. Little did we know when we walked in we would be greeted by young girls in very little clothing. I even asked if we could eat there and if the clothing stayed on. I hope I didn't embarrass the girl, but what did I know. I thought Tilted had to do with the pub part.
Here is Mary posing with two of the waitress. We had a great meal and a good laugh. The girls were so fun and they played along with us too. I caught a few signs in the women's bathroom. Wish this one was on the bathroom wall at Rosie's when I was about these girls ages.
Or how about this one right next to the toilet.
I just loved spending time with Mary. She and I have many similar histories with our families and our work. She is also working as a per diem employee and we discussed how this method of working has benefitted our sanity. She was tons of fun, and I learned so much about her. The luncheon was quite funny too. The meal was actually pretty yummy, and the d├ęcor about the place was fun too. I just wish I could have seen my own face when we walked in and saw these girls in these outfits, I can imagine my jaw dropped to the floor. Maybe if I caught this stained glass door on the way in, it might have prepared me, oh well, we had a great meal and tons of fun.
We didn't see much more of Watertown, and besides the Military base there really is not much else up there in the cold North. I did do a visitor search before we left and no tourist traps. I apparently missed The Tilted Kilt on the website. There are some great little towns with things to do surrounding the area. The Thousand Islands are close, and there is Saketts Harbor, home of the owners of a prized triple crown winning horse. His name escapes me...Funnycide perhaps. Mary has a cottage in the area. I joked about taking her husband to the Tilted Kilt in the future. Anyway. Not much to do in the cold winter and Mary and I actually saw two accidents I am guessing due to snow on our return home. I used to come to some classes in the area at JCC for my Masters. I never stopped in the city or did much in the area then either. Definitely want to put down A-bay for next summer.
The day in summary. I even got a VIP card.