Saturday, November 23, 2013

Better days..weekend begins.

Friday was interesting. My neighbor and I had made very relaxed plans for the day, and once I had dropped of my little man, I simply waited patiently for her to contact me about some trip some where. We had discussed a few ideas; The Erie Canal Museum has Gingerbread houses on display, there is always the zoo, and I was at a loss for much of anything else. Her three yr old twins are not yet old enough to enjoy some of the areas museums or indoor locations, so our to go was limited. She called and thought Rochester's Strong Museum would be fun, and I totally agree; infact I had thought that would be a great idea, but it was already nearing 10:30 and its an hour and 1/2 drive to Rochester. Not exactly a trip I am prepared to take, knowing it will take her at least another hour to get herself and the girls prepared, and get myself back before 4pm to get Gavin off the bus. Sorry....maybe next time. SO we PONDER...finally we decided upon Beaver Lake although we never made it, but instead she treated me to Lunch at Zebbs.
I love Zebs, and I haven't been in forever. I had the soup and salad, which was bottomless, and Jenny got us some chedder fries as well. Nothing says healthy lunch with a side of cheese FRIES. The salad was good, and the French onion soup was too.
The girls had some fun foods and enjoyed coloring.
I left fully satisfied and enjoyed every little bite I filled up was YUMMY!
I will admit, I do not miss having a meal out with little children, its a lot of work, and taking pictures with little kids is even more difficult when your holding their little hands. We never made it to Beaver Lake, we stopped at a Thrifty Store in Mattydale, NY (one neither of us had been to, and it was all over). I was prepared in that I only had a little bit of cash on me, but Jenny went wild. I entertained her daughters while she shopped, and we had the best time...I think we touched just about every nick knack in the store, played will all the toys, did some shopping cart racing and lost Jenny several times. I picked up a few items for my family and got the girls some decent looking Barbies as we waited for their mom to hurry up and get done. Plan was to go to the indoor Micky D's playplace before we headed home as Beaver lake was on the opposite side of town, but it was nearly 4pm already. Can you say...waste to much time in the Thrifty Store? Come on Jenny....We made one last stop at Olies I waited and waited and waited in the car with the girls and then it was time to go home.
The girls fell asleep even as I sang my best Frosty the Snowman, and twinkle twinkle little star. It was a fun day full of adventure, even if we never got to our destination. Strong Museum is in our future, as is Micky D's Playplace. The evening was planned to attend a night out being socially aware of homelessness, however Gavin backed out on the documentary scheduled called @Home. Instead Mark went out, which never happens and Gavin and I spent the evening working on a puzzle. Carol and her son stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and she gave me a wine glass. It was very nice of her. Kelly called to wish me a Happy Birthday too, and Gavin and I ended the evening watching the season finale of An American Horror Story. He was a little disappointed the season ended the way that it did. I was satisfied, but I was not happy with the direction the baby goes...I will not say anymore. Overall it was a great day. Now I am about to head out the door with my girlfriends to attend church.