Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dog Park, SNOW, OTB, and Church.

Saturday was an interesting day of things going on. We all headed to the Dog Park to get the animals out and running. At that time, it was not snowing and there were no signs it would. Peanut stood close by shivering even in his doggy coat, and Riley played hump dog to the several males in heat who found him most attractive. I have to say it was funny, Riley had no idea what to do, several times there was a threesome of dogs, poor Riley at the bottom. I laughed way to many times at this scene. Sorry I have no pictures, but it would have been a funny one for sure. After the park, We took Mark to OTB for lunch. I must admit they had some YUMMY burgers and GREAT fries. Mark got his rush and played a few bucks, I believe he won some money, but I didn't even ask. Once home, Gavin and I played Christmas music, made hot chocolate and worked on our new puzzle. I just love this time of year, and the holiday music always brings back the memories of family and happy times. We both sang along with the several versions of Frosty and White Christmas, with the season busting from our hearts.
Then all of a sudden we look outside and there is SNOW falling all over. It was falling fast and hard. It made the song singing and the hot chocolate taste even yummier.
This was Riley's first snow and he LOVED it. Peanut HATES the snow and the cold.
I'd like to say that the snow stopped right there with a nice dusting, but it snowed all afternoon and we now have quite a covering all over. AS the evening progressed and we enjoyed the inside, I got myself ready for church as I had invited Jenny (my neighbor) and Tammy to attend church with me. I had to work today and would not have made the Sunday morning mass. I have not been to church in so long, and as I entered into the sanctuary and the music hit my ears I felt a warmth of belonging rush over me. Why have I been so LAZY for so LONG. What a blessing to have Tammy and Jenny join me too.
After church the three of us went to Friendly's for coffee and chit chat. We ate some junk too, but we talked for nearly an hour and a half. It was a wonderful joyous day!