Monday, November 18, 2013

Mani/Pedi, Bowling, and Pizza

The weekend went by so fast, as it usually does. Friday, my daughter offered to take me for a mani/pedi for my birthday. It was so special just the two of us spending time together getting our nails done. It was even more special, because I know I would not have spent the money on myself. She knew it too, so this was her way of having me do something for myself. I have to say I totally enjoyed the pedicure, and boy did my feet need it.
 We had a great time just hanging out too. I continue to be amazed at what a wonderful young women she is becoming. I wont get into all that stuff on this post, as I am doubly cursed with my new nails and my computer still acting strange. ( Everytime I upload a picture the program shuts down, and there are pop-ups that interject randomly freezing my screen, I have no spell check either if you have not yet noticed)

I spent the evening working on my scrapping stuff and dug into my older stash. Nov. 30th I am attending an all day scrapbook session and want to get myself prepared for a new record on most pages completed. Saturday we decided to do something a little different, so I called my friend Tammy and our families met at Flamingo Bowl, for some bowling.
Flamingo Bowl is right in our neighborhood in Liverpool, NY which made it a perfect place to meet for some family fun. Tammy's family; Rich, Alan, Adler and Allie all played a few games against our family; My hubby, Ben and Gavin. We really didn't make it a competition, but if we family would have some serious bragging rights.
Some fun pictures of the games, Tammy scores, Ben takes a perfect shot, Mark gets a strike, and Rich shows Allie how to throw.
 We all had so much silly fun.
After the games, we decided to do dinner. There was some discussion around where, but we finally decided on Avicoli's also in Liverpool, NY. We had a difficult time getting seats in the resturant, but scored big in the pizza parlor. I really have to say the meal was impressive. We all had pizza, Mark and the kids had wing too, and I broke down and had some fried mushrooms.
The kids sat at one table, while the adults at another. Allie took a picture of us adults, but I'm not to fond of how I look...but here it is anyways.
Hoping it is the angle. Probally not I've got a big fat ass. I have told myself that My birthday is the big day for all things bad things to cease. That is tomorrow....we will see how that goes.
We had a fun filled Saturday. Sunday was almost as exciting, although I did end up working all night. That was a bummer, but I will post again for Sundays fun filled trip making.