Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Post

Happy Post Thanksgiving. We had such a wonderful day yesterday. I had everyone of my family members with me and what great feeling. We enjoyed our traditional Holiday at The Turning Stone Casino and everything was perfect. All six of us were off early to meet up with Mark's mother and my parents for a Holiday "stuff our face" at the buffet.
(My computer will still not let me manipulate this page so I am sorry if it does not look all pretty.) First things first I had to get a few family photo's and perhaps I will make one of them into our Holiday cards.
This is the one I am thinking for Holiday cards. I has all of us minus the pups. Maybe I can get a nice one of the two of them and add it to the corner. After pictures, we had some Bube time as this is also Hanukah, and she always gives gifts.
She gave us all gift cards as well as some cards for meals at our favorite eateries. How nice. Dinner/lunch whatever you want to call it was held at the Harvest Buffet. As I mentioned in previous posts was yummy. I didn't have one bit of turkey or any of the traditional thanksgiving foods. In fact I ate breakfast, a little mac and cheese and lots of deserts, including 1/2 moon cookies. I love those.
After filling our guts to the max, we took a stroll through Gingerbread Alley. These gigantic Gingerbread houses are featured every year and are truly amazing. Had we not just eaten so man deserts, I might be tempted to grab a bite.
I had a little fun capturing these little elves while, Nick and Lexi posed with Santa.
Lexi steals a kiss from the Nutcracker.
As the theme of Christmas continued throughout the Casino halls we made our way back to Bube's for swimming suits and the kids and I went swimming and spent some time in the hot tub.