Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week round up...

It has been awhile for me with posts, I'd like to say it has been because I have been off to some amazing place miles away from any computer access and have tons of lovely pictures and stories to share, but the truth is, I have simply been busy with everyday life. I did have some adventures, but none that have been out of this world....A simple recap of my week....I worked a few hours at inpatient, I went to a in-service at Vera House on elder abuse, and spent all day Friday at a training on Counseling. I did get 7 hours of CASAC hours, so I can put those towards my re-credentialing next November. (I guess I am ahead of myself, which will certainly pay off when I am under the gun next year to get those hours in.)
Friday evening, I dropped my son off at a Goodbye party for two of the neighbor children, and was soon at Sandy's for her monthly Consultant Club. We made some beautiful pieces. I so love my team, and Sandy is the best.

Saturday morning I met up with Mary and her son Alex for the November Folksmarch. It was held at Beaver Lake. This folksmarch will mark my attendance and engagement with the monthly folksmarch as one full year. In the last year I have only missed one walk. I'm impressed with myself. I have a special scrapbooking album I have just for my walks. Mary needed to get her son to the Veterans Day Parade so we rush through, and Alex was not having the full three mile walk, so there was no meals after and no girl adventures as we have tried traditionally to do.  Once home, I did a little putzin around the house, made a big Saturday morning brunch, and then we went to the Hollywood for a movie. We ended up seeing Despicable Me 2. It was cute and Gavin enjoyed it. The minions are so stinken cute, even when they were dosed with monster juice. After the movie we stopped at the ASPCA for a quick look at the animals. I didn't take any pictures, most of the dogs were pit bull mixes. I wonder why that is? We did see a few little cuties and Gavin longed for a kitten. No more animals. I refuse. Hubby is allergic anyways.