Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend round up.

I made it to my medical appointment on Friday and I was relieved that it went very well. My new Dr. is GREAT, she spent quite a bit of time with me and even asked about things I was not ready to deal with. I got a few prescriptions, need some blood work, and have been scheduled for a sleep study. I even got a print out of everything and a website to visit for follow up and any comments about my health and she wants to see me again in three months. Part of my health regime is to loose some weight and it will be nice to have some accountability. Although this weekend was full of food...I was doing well, guess I will have to get my arse in gear.

 After my appointment I made it to the store and purchased some healthier foods. Now I just have to actually eat them. Quick little side note about the store.....A what would you do question. I am standing in line at the check out, there is only one register open and there are tons of people. A little girl is inline ahead of me and I assume she is with the person checking out, so I proceed to place my items on the belt. She suddenly reports that she has to get her mom...oh ok....So I let her escape past me and my cart and she comes back with her mother..who was not in line, with a FULL cart of items. I graciously allow them to get by, which now means my stuff is way down the belt. I have to drag my stuff back, to allow this women and her tons of groceries to get in or my stuff will be ahead of hers. Really! what ever, just get on with it. Now I am stuck waiting with my stuff and holding my items from rolling on down the belt into her things....quite annoying. The women never once said thank you or even offered a nod of her head in recognition that she really was cheating the unwritten law of good grocery manners. So I wait. Then to make it all the more rude, she decides then as she is placing her items on the belt that this would be an excellent time to talk on her phone. Thing is, it wasn't like she got a call...she actually made one. REALLY!!!! That's when I started to get angry. I didn't yell or anything, but I did verbalize to anyone who was listening that NOW WAS NOT THE TIME TO TALK ON THE PHONE. She didn't respond or even look my way. It came to my turn finally, but I am wondering is it really out of line to expect people to be more aware of those around you. Clearly she must have known what she was doing. Are you so self absorbed that you cannot see that you are cheating those of us who have been waiting patiently and if you have already given the grace of slipping into the line as you did (maybe I shouldn't have been so nice) then at least be thankful and aware that you NEED TO HURRY YOUR ASS UP!!! I'm not bitching I swear, I was not that upset when it happened, and had I been at the time, things might not have been as smooth; who knows where it might have gone if I was in my "mood", but WTF is wrong with people? Just wanted to know what you would do.
I actually took it well and the women behind me had a good laugh about it. Maybe that's what you get for shopping at Aldi's.

The rest of the day went pretty smooth. It was a Ben weekend, so once he got here the boys and I took the dogs to the Good Dog Park, while Mark paced around the tv watching the Breeders Cup races. Apparently a BIG weekend in HORSE racing, he was all obsessed with the horses he had bet and ready for a big win. He actually did win several races this weekend. He has not told me the grand total, but his demeanor means it went well.
We had a good time at the Dog Park. The weather was unusual. Very warm for November. I think we were up to 66 degree's which was nice, but it was very windy. The dogs seemed to have fun. No old friends, but Riley made new ones.
Peanut did as well.
I got a few pictures of the geese flying above as they head to warmer weather down south. A sure sign that winter is just around the corner.
The rest of the evening was spent enjoying some reading while the boys played video games and Mark watched his horse racing.
Saturday we were off to Ben's soccer game. He is playing at an indoor arena in Baldwinsville. It is actually a really nice set up. Unfortunately shortly after he began playing he had an accident and sprained his wrist. He seemed to be okay now, but he had to sit out the rest of the game.

I only got a few pictures in before he was injured. Poor guy.
After some medical clearance and some parental decisions that he doesn't need an emergency medical appointment we headed off to a late lunch at B'ville diner.

I had a chicken sand, and fries. Not so healthy, but the chicken was a breast, and I took it off the roll. I didn't finish my fries either and NO ranch dressing. Small steps.
The rest of the afternoon I worked on scrapping projects and finished two layouts before my daughter asked about some shopping. We went shopping and I found some fun Holiday items. Christmas already...I know it's CRAZY.
We all spent the rest of the evening enjoying down time. Later watching The Black Delhia Hauntings. I hate to say it, but it was not that good. Oh well, I only paid 54 cents. Now I can say I say it anyways.
Sunday after some time reading the paper, as well as a quick run to the local craft store. (I was out of adhesive). We were all prepared to hit Destiny Mall for some fun at the new restaurant added to the vast number of new places entering this soon to be more popular place. My hubby says it's all relative, but the mall seems SOOOO EXPENSIVE. Gavin did land himself some new shoes, I so wish he would retire the sweatshirt. Maybe some day he will decide that he needs to "look good" and wearing the same things will not cut it.
I thought they were a little large, but he wants them that way. I refuse to hear any complaints in the future. After scoring some new shoes we were off to Dave and Busters.

Dave and Busters is this restaurant/sports bar/arcade. We have been seeing advertisements for the place for years, but they never had one in our area until just recently. When we arrived there was a line out the door. Oh my...we found out soon that it was a line to visit, get pictures and autographs with Syracuse University Basketball coach Jim Beohime (I butchered his last name). We skipped the line because we were there for lunch and game playing. We were able to see him from our seats between the glass door anyways, and none of us was that interested in getting an autograph. I did steal a shot of the big cookie that came to visit him however.
The "famous" coach is right behind those doors. Sorry not interested. But thanks.
The restaurant is like nothing I have can really explain. It's sort of like Vegas for kids with all the video games. It's kind of CRAZY! We ordered some appetizers, our game cards and the kids were off to play.

See you both soon. 
Gavin wanted so badly for the food to be the best ever and I hate to say it, but it was pretty much your average chain food. Mark ordered some rice and kabob meal, and I got a chicken Ceaser salad. It was good, but nothing to report. I am thinking the food is not what the experience is all about. Although the final bill nearly choked me into cheapskate coma .

The boys seem to enjoy their dinners. There are several tv's with sports everywhere, and alot of people were enjoying an alcoholic beverage, watching the game and playing games themselves. 
If you want a beer, how about this as your cup! WOW
Fill "er" up. Mark was irritated at the wait we had just to get drinks, and maybe this would have calmed us all down. The boys were back and fourth at the games. The game area was rather impressive. 

Lights, noises, fast paced fun, and the boys were all about that. You can win tickets too, and although they did not rake in as many as they might have at the Lake George arcade (by the way Lake George arcade's has nothin on this is high tech AMAZING), they sure had fun.

Interestingly enough there seemed to be more adults then kids at this place. Mark and I commented on the beer totting,  sports t-shirt wearing dudes who were having more fun at these games then the kids. I guess you have to be an adult and have a job to spend to much time in these places...cauz it got pretty costly. Some of the games could cost up to $5- per play. Gavin played four hands of one game (with intent to win a big ticket payout) and lost all four times only to collect four tickets. BUMMER! 
The ticket room was pretty impressive, much more exciting stuff then most arcade ticket payoffs. They had things like ipods, clothing, music players and other electronics. I would have enjoyed shopping there myself. The boys pondered over items, and finally concluded that they just didn't have enough points to get what they wanted and decided to leave the points on the card for a return visit. Guess we will be back someday. I am not in a big hurry, but the boys really enjoyed themselves. I thought they should each get one of these glasses and call it a day. 
   No luck. I really do not like the mall. Yes it's exciting and there a tons of things to do, but I am such a cheepy that I spend more time thinking about how much money is being wasted then enjoying myself. Thank God the boys have their father for fun things like this. Even in five below I found myself thinking...really who would pay that much? I guess I will stick to my coupon carrying motto, huge % off sales, thrifty stores, garage sales, and discounted racks. I seem to do just fine with that.   
The evening was spent relaxing and enjoying a few more movies. 54 cents for The Hangover III. I will be watching Perfect Pitch tonight with Gavin. Topping off the evening was The Walking Dead, an 11pm daughter pick up and finally SLEEP. Now I am off to work.....til next time. TTFN