Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cookie Exchange Party

I have held a psudo-Holiday party in some format for the last several years in the disguise of a cookie exchange. Although it has been great to get a ton of cookies, what really rocks is having my friends get together for the Holidays. This time of year we are all so busy and stressed, add a dash of CRAZY to the mix, and all of us so need some down time.
There was about 12 of us included in the festivities, but with school concerts, traveling, and busy schedules, family demands ect only five of us were able to get together for the evening event, but it was a great bunch of us and we all enjoyed each others company. 

I had purchased some fun Holiday crafts for us to play with, we had some drinks and caught up on how everyone was doing before gift exchanges and cookies.

Next was a gift exchange. We each had a generic gift, picked names and exchanged with one another. I got a Mr. and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shaker.

Then for the cookies, and we had tons. I had made peanutbutter bars and brownie bites. Mary's were nutty, chocolate goodness, Mindy had made some sweet powdered sugar yummies, Crickets were Jello something or others, WOW and Tammy's were Oero cookie balls. Jenny had dropped of some peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies although she was not able to make it to the party. They were ALL GOOD!!
It was all so nice to get together. The kids all had a good time too. Although I never really saw them throughout the night we all heard them. They were outta control. Guess they missed each other too.
Today Mary and I were suppose to go to the Folksmarch downtown, but we decided since we both have a ton of things to do today, and Tammy is taking her Civil Service exam (good luck Tammy), plus it is cold and snowy we would skip it. I'm okay with that, I still have to make some tags, watch my rental, get ready for the CTMH meeting and Holiday Party that starts at 3pm and do all that surrounds this annual event. Till then hope you have a great Holiday tradition that starts well before the Holiday like me.