Monday, December 16, 2013

CTMH Hearts a Flutter Annual Holiday Party

(This is one of the tags I got from Chris, isn't it beautiful?)
Yesterday was the Close to My Heart; Hearts a Flutter team annual Holiday Party. Each year Sandy's downline gets together for Holiday fun and we ALWAYS have fun.
(pictured left to rt  Lynne, Chris, and Lara)
The party was set to start at 3:30, and I was running late. I was quite surprised when I arrived that there was only Lynne, Chris, and a new consultant Kate there. I settled myself in, starting off with a cocktail that was supper yummy and catching up on how Lynne and Chris have been. The three of us had started CTMH around the same time and have often shared rooms at convention and retreats. They are both amazing beautiful ladies and I love them so much. Lynne is a school teacher and she discussed dealing with the politics of todays classrooms. Its infuriating all this CORE curriculum stuff. Chris is currently on disability and is simply enjoying her life. She lost her husband suddenly two years ago and despite the loss has a new perspective on life. This was the first time I had met Kate. She is a new consultant and owns her own real estate business. She seemed very personable and fit well with our niche.
(pictured Sandy and Johneelynne).
Around 4:30 the rest of the gals started showing up, including the biggest Heart of the Heart's a Flutter team; Sandy. She had two surgeries earlier this week and it was clearly obvious both in her physical mobility and her most often cheerful disposition. She always seems to push through. Hopeful that these tests will revel some much needed information, it seems like she has been sick forever. Praying for her to get well.
Judy and Terri. Two beautiful women with big hearts.
Ryan, Judi and JhonnieLynne. More amazing women.
We had a few more cocktails, and some snacks as well as more discussion before it was time for dinner.

 Lynne and Kate.

There was quite the dinner spread,

and there was enough room for all 11 of us at the dining room table. These ladies are so wonderful, it's like having a second family.
Look at that, a picture that includes me, and I am next to Lara. She's pretty sweet.
Dinner was delish. Chris made most of the eats. She is AWSOME!

My final project's.
Up next was Sandy's make and takes. She usually goes all out and crazy with these fun projects for us to make. Theses were pretty amazing despite her medical concerns and being so busy with surgeries. Thanks continue to meet all goals and beyond.

Aren't these just adorable?
Time for some coffee and desert before we settle down for the annual gift exchange. I had a chocolate coma.

 I had my heart set on this baby, I even had it in my hands twice before it was taken.

Traditionally we do what is not so politically correctly called a Chinese gift exchange. A gift is opened and has the possibility of being taken by another person. This can keep the gift opening going on for hours.

 We also need to each make our gifts to exchange. As you can see there were some pretty creative gifts being exchanged this year.  I usually have some great fun ones, but this year I got lazy and took my mothers donated quilt.
 This wreath, that Lynne is holding is what I ended up taking home as my gift this year. We exchanged once the evening was over, she got my moms quilt.

Some years, fun fights have broken out on getting what gifts. It can become pretty crazy. This year was not so bad. Kate interestingly enough opened the first and the last gift of the evening. I ended up taking home a Merry Christmas Wreath made by Lara. All of the gifts were truly amazing. I did have my heart set on Lynne's advent calendar, and that JOY wall hanging was in my wants pile too. Noone ever goes home disappointed with their gift gained by default or won with taking strategies.
It is all so much fun. I wish I had been more creative. Like I said about the Christmas shopping, I had better get on THAT for next year.

The last of the evening was tags, we each make tags and exchange them. There are so stinkin cute, but honestly I never do use them. I'm just not one of those people who make their packages look like they belong on the cover of a magazine.
Throughout the day the snow had been falling, I so wish I took a picture, because it's hard to believe how much we got during that day. At any rate driving home sucked and I was so glad that I had stopped the cocktail drinking hours prior and was of semi sound mind, although the chocolate and coffee I had run into my veins had me all high on caffeine at least I could focus. Winter is truly here.
Home I found my hubby sleeping and the boys playing. I did some FB checking and crashed myself. One more great annual tradition done and what JOY it was.