Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking for Ghosts at the Wayside in Elbridge, NY

Sunday I met up with my Gal Pal Kelly and her son for a few days of fun. Kelly's mother Ann was able to meet me 1/2 and drop them off and we decided to meet in Elbridge, NY at the assumed to be haunted Wayside Irish Pub.

We had always heard the place was haunted, and were better to have lunch then at a HAUNTED building. I had left my camera at home, so some of my pictures were to blurry to view via the phone shots, but actually they were not to bad. Its nice to know I have a back up just in case. (I don't know how the snow flake effect was installed...but what fun.)

When we arrived the cook was not quite there yet, so we were able to do a little exploring.  Do YOU see any GHOST's in these actually ERIEEEEE shots I took of the back room? The bar tender only had one story to share. He reported that at closing all of the candles were blown out for the night and as the place was being locked up for the night he returned to the dining room to find all of the candles re-lit. SCAREY HUN? Actually he didn't have much more to offer us about the place, and told us as well as the boys that it was too scary for us to hear. NOT US....

So we had to get some documented facts.  I found this article after a google search.

Wayside Irish Pub a popular local 'haunt'

Ami Olson 10/29/08More articles






Is this the most haunted barroom in CNY? The folks at Wayside Irish Pub are goign all out on Halloween, with drink specials, a party, and an attempt to communicate with the other side via a Finger Lakes psychic.
For decades, stories, rumors and legends of paranormal activity have surrounded the historic Elbridge hotel now home to the Wayside Irish Pub.
Now, the current owners want to get to the bottom of the unexplained occurrences so many have experienced in the building.
Since opening Wayside Pub in the former Weber's Wayside Inn in Elbridge last year, owner Margo Spain has invited two paranormal investigation teams and a psychic into the building to explain seemingly otherworldly phenomenon that many employees and family members have experienced.
Stacey Jones, founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Research, visited the Wayside on Sunday Oct. 12, along with 10 team members to conduct a preliminary investigation.
Using a controversial device that constantly scans radio frequencies and is believed by some to allow the living to speak directly to the dead, Jones believes the group was contacted by several ghosts in the building.
Jones reported at least three different people spoke to the group through the device, telling them their names and in some cases were recognized by employees. One is believed to be a former customer, another a family friend.
Jones said some of her team members also reported seeing "shadow people," and that she hopes to return to the Wayside to continue gathering evidence before the end of the year.
Neither she nor Spain feel that whatever, or whomever, haunts the building represent a danger to the living, however.
Check out the Wayside Irish Pub on Halloween for drink specials and a masquerade bash and, for the bravest souls, try to make contact with the other side. The Wayside Pub is located on the corner of West Main Street (Route 5) and South Street in the village of Elbridge.

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I was trying to see if I could catch a ghost in this old mirror. See anything strange? No? Me either, but then maybe, doesn't it look like a person standing there with sun glasses on?
Once the cook finally was in we all enjoyed a nice lunch. My burger was delish.  
Once we finalized lunch we explored the front of the pub, we discovered this oddity out front.  Toombstones? What is that all about? Halloween is over. Or maybe they are trying to keep the sprits on site.
 Regardless, it was a nice lunch and now we can all say we ate with the Ghosts, and although the building was FREEZING the burger was AMAZING!!!