Sunday, December 1, 2013

Scappin fun.

Friday was spent working, shopping and simply chillin out.We finally finished our Puzzle, only to find out there was one piece missing.  Bummer. I was given FREE helium Thanksgiving balloons, so both the boys had some after Thanksgiving fun, after I took the pictures they were shortly sucking the helium out and talking in those high pitched voices.
 Our neighbor Jenny invited us over for an after Thanksgiving dinner feast, but I was pooped, Mark was too, dinner was already on the stove and the boys were enjoying mac and cheese. Sorry Jenny maybe next time. Instead I cleaned up the back room and watched the first three episodes of Season 2 The Asylum of American Horror Story. So far I am liking Season 1 and 2 better. We didn't have a T-day feast, but we did enjoy chocolate chocolate FOOTBALL cake.. YUMMY

 Saturday I was off for a full day of scrapbooking. My up-line and friend Sandy held a scrapbooking crop at her home and I took full advantage of spending an entire day doing nothing but paper crafting. I think I did some thing like 9 layouts in total. Not to many, but I felt complete and spent some time with some good friends too.

Mary, Lynne, Christine, Becky, Lara and Sandy were there. We had some fun and a good time catching up. (I look awful in my picture). It was a LONG day.
Sunday, today, I worked my last 8 hour shift sched. at inpatient and here I am at 6pm ready to fall into the bed and pass out. The week ahead has several medical appointments some computer checks and lots of time for me to WORK on me. Still have not made a final decision on the YMCA membership so I am gonna just FORCE myself to go. I might have a good story to share as the week progresses, but as of now...I am simply EXHAUSTED. Have a good week.