Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree not lighting Ceremony

Yesterday, I thought I had a medical appointment. When I got there I was told the Dr. would not be in and that they had called to CA. I never got the message, and I even went home after to checked any missed VM's. NOPE. Oh well, I re-scheduled, and spent the rest of the day with my daughter shopping. I didn't find any great buys, but I did get Gavin some new pants and Lexi got herself some items. Later that evening I coerced Gavin into attending the Town of Clay tree lighting Ceremony.
He was really PO'd about attending, and once I convinced him to take a quick look around, I concluded he was right. We arrived an hour later then the event started and although I looked everywhere, there was NO lite TREE...I did find this very nice one in the Town Hall lobby.

Right next to the 8 mile long line to visit Santa. There was no way I was getting him to stand in that line. So we headed back outside for our search.

There was a lovely band playing music....

and the local Fire Department had come out to give little kids fire engine tours and plastic fireman hats.

A nice tiny petting zoo, complete with the donkey. There was even a fire pit and hot chocolate to warm yourself......

BUT...I saw NO lite Holiday TREE anywhere????
Gavin had his fill rather quickly and indulging his mother was OVER. We were heading back to the car when...there in the dark with no lights on....is that.....could it....is that the tree?

Although there were no lights and it did not seem there was going to be any lighting any time soon, we decided to forgo the actual Lighting Ceremony part and get some movies instead. So much for seeing the pretty lights. Guess I will have to come by some night and take a picture when it is lit. Note to self...we can skip this event next year. I added one of my FAVORITE holiday clips to make up for the disappointment. Looks like the season has begun.