Friday, January 31, 2014

Interview and "working" lunch.

Yesterday I made it to my state job interview. If you have read some of my past posts you might know that I had taken a state exam, scored well (100) and was asked for an interview/orientation. You may also know that this position is an entry level job that I am well over-qualified for and although I could easily do the job, and it has great longevity/retirement. There would be multiple sacrifices like, evening/night shifts, no vacations, and odd placed days off. Not to mention the part I loathe the most, the MANDATED overtime. The interview itself went well. I spent most of the time hanging out and talking with the interviewees, whose first question of me was WHY? Would I want this job. Clearly they saw that this was an odd placement for me. The female interviewer is pursuing her own credentials and asked about assistance herself in that area. I told her she could drop my name. I was open and honest with them and explained that I didn't want my hesitance to prevent me from being hired, but acknowledged their own question about my motivation. It is QUESTIONABLE! I left feeling confident about how the interview went, but more puzzled about where the freak I am going with all of this. I had submitted two resumes last week and have not heard anything at this point. That gets me a bit discouraged. I texted one of my per-diem boss requesting some more hours, because even if I do get hired for the state job, the budget has not officially approved any positions, so who knows when I would even start. I could explore returning to full time with my current employer. At least then I would have a consistent paycheck and I might be able to go back to school on their dime. I could simply stay unemployed working a few per diem hours here and there and explore the idea of teaching. Maybe even look into returning to my graduating school(State and cheaper) and completing my needed hours on my own. (paying for them).
I am still confused.....and I may be for a long time. By chance I noticed my friend Darlene was on FB and I asked about getting together sometime. We decided to do lunch in a few hours.

We met at Zebb's in Mattydale, NY as she was heading off to work after and this was close to her new employment. She left my current job to go to a place I used to work for and absolutely loves it. She is now one of the boss's over there. I have not seen her since she left her old place, so it was nice to catch up and this was a great date for lunch when I was feeling so over-whelmed about my career directions. She thinks I should look into a career at her place. Maybe even per diem. I even looked up positions on my smart phone. I didn't leave on a bad note, and everyone in charge over there knows me well, I'm just not sure I want to go back to what I have been doing all along. I should haves rush over me when I think about all of this. Yesterday in between a good meal I thought I had a means to my madness, but now I'm not so sure.

For lunch I had the soup and salad. Yummy and staying within my better eating habits. Darlene had steak and ribs.

Besides exploring career directions for me, we did get a chance to catch up on each others lives. She has been doing well. Spending time with family especially her very adorable granddaughter who has striking blue eyes that could melt any heart. She is precious. She has been examining her own life choices as well, and although she loves her job, reported she would like to become a Zumba instructor. I said..."you go girl". Here's hopein she does. Reminded her that we need to take a few Zumba classes together. We both have YMCA membership and need to hook up.

Lunch was great and LONG. We spent several hours catching up and left with plans of continuing these little outings and the meeting at the gym. She reports she will let people know I am looking for employment and encouraged me to apply. I said I would, but after I went on the website, I wasn't so enthuastic about it. We shall see what happens. For today, I am not going to think about it. I have other plans, off to the gym this morning and my little guy has a 1/2 day so we are planning on getting together with my friend Mindy and her two children. I'm not sure what we are up to quite yet, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with working, so I am turning that part of my brain off for now. TTFN

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little fun with an old friend.

Yesterday I was up and ready for a day filled with shared memories with my dear old friend Lisa. I meet her in Middle School and our friendship blossomed though those few years continuing into our adulthood. We lost touch somewhere in the mid-90's and reconnected through facebook about a year or so ago. She had been living in Las Vegas, spent some time in Florida as well as some other southern state's before she found herself in Oregon and riddled with leukemia. Her battle with cancer has been difficult, but she somehow has kept a positive and amazing attitude about her health and well-being. Her cancerous journey, despite how unfortunate, is what led her back to NY and now she is currently residing back home as she seeks a bone marrow donor.
(this is my Mom and my friend Lisa)
We had planned to get together on many occasions, but as often happens circumstances had come up and plans changed. We finally hit the perfect time and all things aliened and were able to have a little fun together.

The day started with a little catch up time at my parents home where Lisa had spent most of her senior year after moving out of her own home. I'd like to say that we were perfect teenaged angles back then, but that would be a lie. We were wild hellions. I have no idea how that women (my mom, she sure does not look like a grandmother to a 20 year old kid) in the picture above survived and still looks like she does despite it all.
Our friendship holds so much history, it was fun to recall some of the good old days, while reporting on what each of us have missed of one another's lives. Lisa had stayed with me for awhile when my older kids were younger and I was a single mom for a while too. She had quite the crazy lifestyle for some time. I was so glad to hear she had finally obtained her bachelors degree in business and has plans to return to culinary school once she "beats" this disease. Some past laughs came from our middle school crush's and talking about those "mean" snobby girls. Wonder where Pat Barry (my entire elementary and middle school crush) is now. I'll admit after our day ended I stalked facebook for him with no luck. As far as those snobby girls...I wish I knew then just how INSIGNIFIGANT their cruel words would be so many years later. I heard being the popular kid is overrated anyways. High School seemed so much more accepting, what is it about the middle school agers anyways? 
After some name and event recall we decided on some lunch at Subway.

Lisa refused to have a picture taken of her "stuffing her face" as she said so I posed my turkey sand and took a shot.

After lunch we went to the YMCA East in Fayetteville NY. I just LOVE this Y, and so wish we lived near it again.
I was able to bring Lisa as my guest, and we decided to so cardio before relaxin in the pool/hot tub. Her Dr. had recommended that she get some exercise and I can always use some so the Y seemed like a great place to hang out. Walking outside was WAY to cold.

I found this elliptical machine that I fell in love with! Look I almost burned all of my calories from lunch.
I'm definitely going to see if my Y has this machine.
After some hard work on the cardio machines, we got into our swimsuits and headed to the pool area. The afternoon consisted of cool pool waters and the hot bubbles of the tub. We finished off our trip to the Y East with the sauna and headed home. Plan to get together again doing something similar next week. Today was my first week check in at the 10 pounds/inches 10 weeks challenge and HOLY cow I lost 7 pounds since my initial weigh in. 12 in total. Yip Yip horray. I am Debating if I will spent the evening at home tonight with my family or heard to an origami owl party. My afternoon consisted of painting my son's room and we have to deal with a broken I might just keep myself here for the night. TTFN

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Power tools on a Monday.

Feel like I finally can have some "normal" again after all last weeks sickness and school closings. Funny how something like that can really throw off your day/week. I gained two pounds, can't blame the week's disruptions, but clearly it plays a role in my routine. Something I have to get a handle over, life is NOT always going to have structure. We have another FREEZING day today, no school closings yet. Keeping fingers crossed as I have a date with my old friend Lisa.
Yesterday proved to be a difficult drive into Vera House for my volunteer position, but by the time my shift was complete the sun was out and the roads were clear. I took darling daughter to work making a stop at the "thrifty" Store. Sorry no amazing SCORE! Just a little disappointing, but you cant win every time. After a quick leftover dinner of chili (which I made on Sunday).

 I was off to the YMCA for my Lowe's power tool demonstration.

Last month I attended a few of these classes offered FREE at the YMCA, and now that they have re-started the series I took advantage. Last evenings demo was on POWER TOOLS. Since I haven't followed up and taken care of my pluming from the last class I took, I'm not sure if this session will be beneficial, but I did learn a few things and I got to play with some POWER TOOLS.

We got to screw in a few screws, and even used a screw sleeve. We got to use a drill, and drill some holes.....

and finally we learned how to use the jigsaw. This had to be my favorite part. Just so you know, other then the demonstrator, this was an ALL FEMALE class. Several of these women know much more about power tools then I do. I assumed they were simply all just SCREW drivers with a punch.
Once the class completed, I met up with Tammy for some YOGA (Okay...just what the heck was that?)  My body does NOT move in that way. I learned quickly that I suffer from a flexibility disorder. Despite it all  I held my own, and feeling like I had not quite got in enough cardio after all those Warrior. Mountain and Dog positions, (screw that three legged dog) I took a very brisk walk/run on the treadmill before heading home. Hard to believe that less than a month ago I was struggling with my back pain and could barely walk with the girls on our monthly folksmarch and last night I was nearly running.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rosamond Gifford Zoo- Syracue, NY

Saturday after hockey...(did I mention I am playing floor hockey with a bunch of dudes on Saturday mornings at 7am?). I was surprised to find the boys awake and asked what plans they had for the day. Gavin asked about a zoo visit. A few weeks ago I had suggested this trip as they are currently running a winter month special of 1/2 priced admission and FREE admission with your camera. Since I am all about FREE, and I almost ALWAYS have my camera, I just couldn't pass this opportunity up so off we went.  The camera admission freebee has to do with the zoo's photo contest. If you see a picture here that you think I should submit please let me know.

It was an incredibly cold day, and there were not many people visiting with us, which was nice, but it made for a difficult time at some of the outdoor attractions. I did ask what animals were out and we were informed that the elephants were out currently but only for a short time. We made that our goal, but found with the wind and not being as prepared as we could have been that this truck out to the fields was not going to happen. We did stop at the penguins, and there were only two brave soles out making dives in the freezing waters.

It must have been pretty cold if the penguins were even to cold to say hello.
The ducks and a few other fowl were still hanging in there.

We did a quick look at the flamingo's housed nice and warm in their little shelter, before we headed into the buildings ourselves.

First stop the monkeys.
 The boys and I created dialogue for these guys and had fun making up things they might be saying.

These guys are always a ton of fun. This little guy I renamed Miley. He kept sticking his tongue out at me. I wish I could have caught a picture of this. He was still pretty cute.
He kept us all entertained for quite some time. His buddy was hanging on the ceiling or curled in a ball most of the time.

I found it hard to get pictures of these guys behind the glass. Mark is against the zoo, and although he will go with his family to visit, he disagrees with the premise of having wild animals locked up like this. It is so exciting to see them, but I do feel bad that this is the space these animals have to live in. Even our domesticated dogs have more room to move about. I try not to think about it.
 This lady was in where the baboons used to be. I don't know where they went to, but she was kind of creepy. (She is enjoying a rat for lunch)  Her 'boyfriend" was in another cage around the way. We were told they are trying to breed them. All I have to say is...why? I miss that big baboon!!
 This little guy was pretty cute. Kindof like out own little peanut.
Every time I see these guys I break out in a Lion King song. A cuna ma-ta-ta. (Spell check needed)
We caught a few more animals before we came on the lions.

I love these majestic beasts. They are so regal. They were clearly NOT liking being out in this cold weather, and we were told by some serious photographers (those with their tripods and fancy equipment out), that they were only to be viewed for one hour. Glad we go there just in time to see them.
Up next were those really really gross naked mole rats....there was also a terrible stink. I'm not sure if the smell was the open bird room or the bats...but pee-you!!

After the birds are the night animals. These included the sloths, the bats and these guys. I'm not sure what they were called.

Most of my pictures from these rooms were deleted as they were so blurred. No flash allowed and it was quite dark.

These were cool, but not my favorites. I am really NOT into reptiles. YUCK!

I did think these "busy" fellows were pretty interesting, although are frogs reptiles and does anyone want to try and figure out just what was going on here?

A few fun fish pictures before we headed back towards the exit and ran into a new (at least to us) exhibit.
This was the octopus. She was hiding and at first we walked past her, but noticed several people looking in and two zoo attendants speaking about her. (I think her name was Lucy). Lucy is having music pumped into her tank to see how she responds. I didn't see any changes in the time I viewed, but it was an interesting concept.
WOW what fun. Up next was a quick walk through the gift shop. (NO PURCHASES PLEASE).

We always have fun looking...and the boys had fun being silly.

Sunday I made it to church and had a nice bowl of my favorite soup broccoli cheddar from Wegman's with Tammy before I spent the rest of this very cold weekend in the house keeping warm.

Monday looks to be a busy day. TTFN