Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little fun with an old friend.

Yesterday I was up and ready for a day filled with shared memories with my dear old friend Lisa. I meet her in Middle School and our friendship blossomed though those few years continuing into our adulthood. We lost touch somewhere in the mid-90's and reconnected through facebook about a year or so ago. She had been living in Las Vegas, spent some time in Florida as well as some other southern state's before she found herself in Oregon and riddled with leukemia. Her battle with cancer has been difficult, but she somehow has kept a positive and amazing attitude about her health and well-being. Her cancerous journey, despite how unfortunate, is what led her back to NY and now she is currently residing back home as she seeks a bone marrow donor.
(this is my Mom and my friend Lisa)
We had planned to get together on many occasions, but as often happens circumstances had come up and plans changed. We finally hit the perfect time and all things aliened and were able to have a little fun together.

The day started with a little catch up time at my parents home where Lisa had spent most of her senior year after moving out of her own home. I'd like to say that we were perfect teenaged angles back then, but that would be a lie. We were wild hellions. I have no idea how that women (my mom, she sure does not look like a grandmother to a 20 year old kid) in the picture above survived and still looks like she does despite it all.
Our friendship holds so much history, it was fun to recall some of the good old days, while reporting on what each of us have missed of one another's lives. Lisa had stayed with me for awhile when my older kids were younger and I was a single mom for a while too. She had quite the crazy lifestyle for some time. I was so glad to hear she had finally obtained her bachelors degree in business and has plans to return to culinary school once she "beats" this disease. Some past laughs came from our middle school crush's and talking about those "mean" snobby girls. Wonder where Pat Barry (my entire elementary and middle school crush) is now. I'll admit after our day ended I stalked facebook for him with no luck. As far as those snobby girls...I wish I knew then just how INSIGNIFIGANT their cruel words would be so many years later. I heard being the popular kid is overrated anyways. High School seemed so much more accepting, what is it about the middle school agers anyways? 
After some name and event recall we decided on some lunch at Subway.

Lisa refused to have a picture taken of her "stuffing her face" as she said so I posed my turkey sand and took a shot.

After lunch we went to the YMCA East in Fayetteville NY. I just LOVE this Y, and so wish we lived near it again.
I was able to bring Lisa as my guest, and we decided to so cardio before relaxin in the pool/hot tub. Her Dr. had recommended that she get some exercise and I can always use some so the Y seemed like a great place to hang out. Walking outside was WAY to cold.

I found this elliptical machine that I fell in love with! Look I almost burned all of my calories from lunch.
I'm definitely going to see if my Y has this machine.
After some hard work on the cardio machines, we got into our swimsuits and headed to the pool area. The afternoon consisted of cool pool waters and the hot bubbles of the tub. We finished off our trip to the Y East with the sauna and headed home. Plan to get together again doing something similar next week. Today was my first week check in at the 10 pounds/inches 10 weeks challenge and HOLY cow I lost 7 pounds since my initial weigh in. 12 in total. Yip Yip horray. I am Debating if I will spent the evening at home tonight with my family or heard to an origami owl party. My afternoon consisted of painting my son's room and we have to deal with a broken I might just keep myself here for the night. TTFN