Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Catching up....

Have I really been that busy that it has been five days since my last post?  I have been pretty busy. No real excitement to note about, just the general stuff around the house with a few scattered mini trips here and there.
Since last Monday, I have gone to the YMCA everyday. I signed up for their 10 pounds in 10 weeks program, attended a few Zumba Classes, and signed up for Floor HOCKEY...I start this Saturday and I am terrified. I also got myself involved in one of those online weight loss programs. It's FREE and has been my accountability for the last week and few days.  Its called So far I have lost 7 pounds. (Pretty Impressive?????) Here is one of my favorite machines. It burns calories like no ones business.

Friday night I went to my Close to my Heart up line and dear friend Sandy's house. I thought it was a consultant club evening, but I was off by a week. We just hung out and had some good fun. I love these ladies.

Saturday evening we all celebrated my youngest birthday (again) with another dinner out. This time it was at the Olive Garden.

If you have never gone to the Olive Garden and your a big pasta fan, you are so missing out!!! This is a FAT GIRLS dream restaurant. To bad I am not living like a FAT GIRL anymore. I did indulge myself with soup and salad however. It was all YUMMY!!
 We are all big fans of the endless breadsticks, salad and soup. I have had several meals for lunch the following day after a meal at the Olive Garden.

The boys had my favorite, fettuccini! Another favorite was that we had a gift card and I had a coupon. The whole meal cost us about $10- before tip. Gotta LOVE that.
We have been looking to upgrade my son's bed as well as get some new seating for the back room so we did a little looking at Value City furniture and Ben scored a few items for his Christmas shopping spree at Best Buy. Check out some of these items.

Now they have a cell phone that you can wear on your wrist like a watch. I looked at a few of those MP3 players. They start at $59- I also checked out the tablets. Those seemed to be fairly priced. The boys recommended that I get a Nook or one of those other reading tablets.

After scanning the stores, we headed home for CAKE!!! The boy's favorite is cookie cake. Happy Birthday little man. Another YEAR down!
We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching The 1980's hit Breakfast Club.....
Do you REMEMBER this movie? It was one of my favorites.

Sunday I made it to the 11am church service with Tammy and her daughter Allie. This was the photo I submitted for my 365 day challenge :"In good hands". My mother took the boys to the Everson Museum to the "Art of Gaming" exhibit. I have no pictures and I cannot tell you how it went, the boys seemed un thrilled.

Gavin did get a few Birthday gifts from my mom and we spent the evening playing Mind Flex and building with LEGO's.
I got the great honor of sorting the pieces. It took less time to sort then to build....I got a little board and spent the time....playing with pictures as I waited.
The final project....."Oh no Doc, we have a broken bumper on the time traveling delorian"
All better Marty....

Monday was a crazy day, I had my volunteer job in the morning and then had to get Gavin to a medical appointment in the afternoon.
On our way to the appointment we spotted this guy flying along the Parkway.

Eagles are rare around here so you can imagine how excited we were to see him. We chased him with the car, lost him and then I turned around. We finally spotted him on the interstate on ramp. (Not the best place to stop on the side of the road).  How cool is this. I am told that they are often seen along the inner harbor path next to destiny mall. That is our February Folksmarch walk, maybe we will spot some more. I hope so.
After Gavin's medical appointment we stopped at one of those multiple pawn shops that have been popping up everywhere. Are you seeing this where you live too? It was interesting...I bought myself one of those MP3 player things for $5- now I just have to figure out how to load some music. I love to listen to my CD's, but I think the days of lugging around my CD player is well done and over.
Monday night I went to my first ZUMBA class in years. I LOVED IT!!!!!

Tuesday I was up at 6am and at my Monthly committee meeting. Substance abuse and Domestic Violence.It's been awhile since we have met, and not much has been going on. We are trying to create a survey to see what people would come to a presentation that we would provide. It seems like it's been in the works for a LONG time. Since I have only been on the committee for a short time, I am not sure what to expect, but I am always feeling like there should or could be more for me to do. If nothing else it keeps my networks open if I ever do want to go back to work. (Which reminds me, I really should update this blog on my "thought on work" there has been a few changes in that area I will post on that soon).

After the meeting I dropped the little guy off at school and met up with my old friend Regina for some catch up time and coffee at D&D's.

I have know Regina since High School and she lives right in Liverpool. We just never get together. After three hours of catching up we have pledged not to wait as long next time.  Her husband is active in photography and she has asked him to help me get some tips with my photos I am stoked. Plans for all of us to spend more time is a definite.
Spent the afternoon painting my son's bedroom.....

 made this delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. (Of course this is NOT my portion....mine was about 1/2 of that if not less.)  and made it too the 8:30pm Zumba class at the YMCA.
Not much planned for today except to get to my monthly Vera House meeting. This will be the third day I have been to that office and I do not get paid a penny for my time....thinking I might have to ask about this. Anyways, I am off.....sorry there was nothing to exciting to see, and I have been picture crazy since I started that 365 challenge. I have been taking pictures of everything. This blog will be my outlet of random stuff. Till next time.