Friday, January 24, 2014

Flashback Friday: Winter in Lake George, NY 2011

Things have been so incredibly slow moving around here of late and I have been feeling guilty about NOT being attentive to my travel blog...I pulled out some old pictures of a trip we took in Feb. of 2011  to Lake George.
We went during Feb. school break of that year just in time for Lake George's winterfest, which I believe runs for several weekends through the month of Feb.
Our first few days however were spent inside at the Great Escape Indoor Waterpark and Lodge.
This was our second time at this park since it opened somewhere in 2006-2008. Our first stay was with the entire family in 2008 and Six Flags was sponsored by the Looney Tunes Characters.  Here are some shots of the family at the waterpark in 2008.

One evening they had Daffy Duck's dance party. Alexis and Gavin went to play at this fun activity.

The kids enjoyed the lazy river, the water slides. Gavin enjoyed the splash down the most.

The older kids enjoyed the surfing the most and spent all their time riding the waves. I even tried and fell off a few times.
On our return visit, the boys had fun in the several areas. They were older (Gavin specifically) and I found I spent most of my time in the hot tub or lazy river, so I had less pictures then usual. The hot tub is ADULTS only, which is NICE.

Here are the boys at the waterpark in 2011.
It turned into quite a nice day. The rate is NOT cheep, and staying on property is even steeper. We have done both, and the price of the park admission is included in the lodge stay. Check out their website for day rates as well. Despite the price, it was tons of fun and we enjoyed summer play during those cold winters.
After the waterpark we decided on a late lunch at Johnny Rockets Diner.

The diner is on site at the waterpark, but you can go for a meal at anytime. We always have a great meal when we go here. There is one located in Syracuse at Destiny Mall as well. This one is much bigger and the staff will suddenly break out in song and dance.
Here is the staff dancing to one of the 50's songs.

They always bring out a dish for your ketchup with a smiley face. I am sure I had my personal favorite of burger and fries. At this diner you really can't get much better.
The evening was spent at the waterpark having fun.
The following day we went to West Mountain for a little tubing in the SNOW!
Up the lift....

Then fun really started....

Going DOWN.......

What a great day we had. We warmed up with some hot chocolate and some FREE soda's. They were giving away Sun Drop soda. Not one of my personal favorites but it was FREE.

One evening we went to Down Town Glens Falls and caught a unique dining experience. Dinner and a movie at Aimies.

This was quite the experience.

I don't recall what we ate, but it is a full menu of items and tasted pretty good. The move we watched was the John Wayne remake staring Jeff Bridges....True Grit.
Movie was enjoyable, and it was totally a different experience for me and the kids. Bubbe, Mark's mother joined us for the evening. Down town Glens Falls is actually a pretty area especially at night. Mark would say, it's not the best area to be in. I'm not sure what he is comparing this too, but I didn't think it was to bad. We have been out to a few of the local bars in the area and have enjoyed the local bands. We also enjoyed Mark's high school reunion in Down Town Glen's Falls one year and had an enjoyable time as well.
On our last day on this visit we went to the village of Lake George for some winterfest fun. Most of the winterfest activities took place right out ON the frozen lake.
 Here are the Lake George search and rescues teams doing deep Freeze dives. I cannot even imagine how COLD this must have been.
 Here there were helicopter rides. The lake must have been pretty solid to hold a helicopter on it.
They also had snow mobile races.
There were also dog sled races. I believe you could take a ride yourself if interested. They also had chicken WING eating contests and other inside activities at several of the pubs/eateries along the pier.  We didn't investigate about that, but the boys did try a had at a few icy games, and there were several FREE activities for kids inside the buildings.

I am sure there is a name for this game, but I cannot remember. One thing for sure is IT WAS COLD. Cold or not it was all an amazing time. TOTALLY RECOMEND A VISIT. In fact we might be back soon. I know the boys are itching to go tubing again soon, or maybe this is a year we will make it to the slopes or even actually sledding.
Gavin has been sick for the last three days, and the outdoors has been so FRIGID of late school was CA on Wednesday as a result. 
I did make some time over the week to get out and find myself a hockey stick and gloves for my games on Saturday mornings. I had a pretty good score considering that I found some sticks used were going for over $70- . Must be MADE OF GOLD!!! I scored the both above for just under $12-.  I also made it to the gym several times this week and took a few Zumba classes as well as starting the 10 weeks 10 pounds/inches challenge. The first meeting was on Wednesday. So far so good.
Last evening I ventured out in a blizzard and went to the local library to attend a class on instinct and safety. I can't recall the exact name, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Bottom line the teacher was a COOka Doodle DOO!!! Several people left mid-class. It was PRETTY AWFUL....I stuck it out hoping something might change....... It never did.
Spent some time doing some research on a trip to DC in the spring and collaborating with Tammy on a trip to the GRAND CANYON in 2015. She wants to take an RV. I suggested we fly into Vegas and stay at Circus Circus for cheep and rent a car or go on one of those all inclusive day trips to the canyon/Hoover Dam. (I KNOW IT WILL BE CHEEPER THEN RENTING AND DRIVING AN RV ACCROSS THE US).  A different experience yes, but NOT a cheep one. I showed the boys pictures of Circus Circus and they were all about THAT. Hubby was too.
Tonight is a girls night. I have not seen the "LADIES" since last year. We are off to play the teachers annual bunko game. It's part of the school district to raise money. This is my 2nd year in participation. It can be a fun time. Hoping like hell that my son is feeling better and possibly we can do something fun over the weekend. Until then TTFN