Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year. Good Bye 2013 and Hello 2014

I didn't have much planned for New Years Eve this year. Last year was Pat and Annie's wedding and Mark and I went to the Casino prior to their evening celebration. Our first New Years together, Mark and I spent at the Hotel Syracuse dancing, drinking, dining and falling madly in love. (We got married the following day). A few years ago we spent some time at Carmen and Mindy's, and we have had a few toasted celebrations at Mary and Brian's.  I think we may have even held our own New Years Eve celebration for friends as well, but for the most part, New Years Eve has pretty much been a day of movies, JUNK FOOD and lounging on the couch. Doesn't sound so much different then any other day. This year although we had a few invites, the YMCA was having a celebration, and there was this big Holiday bash at Onondaga Lake Park called "First Night", Hansen was going to be there playing their do wap song along with fireworks at midnight. So we had some options, but we planned to stay at home this year. I was thrilled that Kelly planned to stay one more night with us. I still got plenty of junk to eat, we got some alcohol, and some sparkling apple juice for the kids and we all set to bring in 2014.
Lucky me I had a few more guests. Tammy came by for a bit, and after their dinner out Renee and David came to visit. Carol and her kids even came by to help us say goodbye to 2013.

It was so nice to be surrounded by all of my friends and my family for the New Year, and we all had fun catching up on the years past.

2013 was an amazing year. Anticipate 2014 to be even better. New Year's resolutions include; as always loose weight (for my health), and become more connected with my family. Somewhere I read a resolution that included, start writing 2014 instead of 2013...that's a resolution I am sure I can be successful with however I know I might slip a few times in the next few weeks.