Friday, January 31, 2014

Interview and "working" lunch.

Yesterday I made it to my state job interview. If you have read some of my past posts you might know that I had taken a state exam, scored well (100) and was asked for an interview/orientation. You may also know that this position is an entry level job that I am well over-qualified for and although I could easily do the job, and it has great longevity/retirement. There would be multiple sacrifices like, evening/night shifts, no vacations, and odd placed days off. Not to mention the part I loathe the most, the MANDATED overtime. The interview itself went well. I spent most of the time hanging out and talking with the interviewees, whose first question of me was WHY? Would I want this job. Clearly they saw that this was an odd placement for me. The female interviewer is pursuing her own credentials and asked about assistance herself in that area. I told her she could drop my name. I was open and honest with them and explained that I didn't want my hesitance to prevent me from being hired, but acknowledged their own question about my motivation. It is QUESTIONABLE! I left feeling confident about how the interview went, but more puzzled about where the freak I am going with all of this. I had submitted two resumes last week and have not heard anything at this point. That gets me a bit discouraged. I texted one of my per-diem boss requesting some more hours, because even if I do get hired for the state job, the budget has not officially approved any positions, so who knows when I would even start. I could explore returning to full time with my current employer. At least then I would have a consistent paycheck and I might be able to go back to school on their dime. I could simply stay unemployed working a few per diem hours here and there and explore the idea of teaching. Maybe even look into returning to my graduating school(State and cheaper) and completing my needed hours on my own. (paying for them).
I am still confused.....and I may be for a long time. By chance I noticed my friend Darlene was on FB and I asked about getting together sometime. We decided to do lunch in a few hours.

We met at Zebb's in Mattydale, NY as she was heading off to work after and this was close to her new employment. She left my current job to go to a place I used to work for and absolutely loves it. She is now one of the boss's over there. I have not seen her since she left her old place, so it was nice to catch up and this was a great date for lunch when I was feeling so over-whelmed about my career directions. She thinks I should look into a career at her place. Maybe even per diem. I even looked up positions on my smart phone. I didn't leave on a bad note, and everyone in charge over there knows me well, I'm just not sure I want to go back to what I have been doing all along. I should haves rush over me when I think about all of this. Yesterday in between a good meal I thought I had a means to my madness, but now I'm not so sure.

For lunch I had the soup and salad. Yummy and staying within my better eating habits. Darlene had steak and ribs.

Besides exploring career directions for me, we did get a chance to catch up on each others lives. She has been doing well. Spending time with family especially her very adorable granddaughter who has striking blue eyes that could melt any heart. She is precious. She has been examining her own life choices as well, and although she loves her job, reported she would like to become a Zumba instructor. I said..."you go girl". Here's hopein she does. Reminded her that we need to take a few Zumba classes together. We both have YMCA membership and need to hook up.

Lunch was great and LONG. We spent several hours catching up and left with plans of continuing these little outings and the meeting at the gym. She reports she will let people know I am looking for employment and encouraged me to apply. I said I would, but after I went on the website, I wasn't so enthuastic about it. We shall see what happens. For today, I am not going to think about it. I have other plans, off to the gym this morning and my little guy has a 1/2 day so we are planning on getting together with my friend Mindy and her two children. I'm not sure what we are up to quite yet, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with working, so I am turning that part of my brain off for now. TTFN