Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just the routine.

I began this post on Tuesday Jan. 7th. There hasn't been any trips anywhere except the routine trips to the grocery store and making it to my second day in a row gym trip. Truth be told it has been downright to damn cold to go anywhere. We haven't even gotten out to take the dogs to the good dog park it's been in the negative numbers most of the week and today is some kind of record across the US for COLD. My son has enjoyed the weather especially as he has had multiple snow days.
I made a commitment to getting to the gym, eating better, managing the finances better, and working on the house.

 I joined an online website to help with weight loss and support. Commitment myself to the gym everyday and I also joined the floor Hockey team.

 Planning on committing to The Spring Color me Rad run. Yes I did say run.

I had some great scores at the local K-mart getting this entire hall of supplies at $12.46.
It has been a pretty positive week, but no big trips to speak of.