Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oneida Shore County Park-Jan. Folksmarch

On Saturday I met up with Mary and Tammy for the monthly Folksmarch. This month it was held at Oneida Shores County Park in Brewerton, NY. The kids had school snow days due to the cold and the snow the days prior, so the idea of walking around a lake was low on my list of fun, but we bundled up and made our way out to the cold.

We got to Arrowhead lodge and signed ourselves in for the 5k walk around the park. At that time it was only about 5 degree's out. We walked about 1/2 a mile and my legs were so numb, I started getting fearful of frostbite. I might have over reacted, but my back was killing me too (I so had hoped I was over that), so I parted from my dear friends and made my way back to the lodge, while they pressed on. I guess I got to get better winter attire and loose some weight so I can walk again.

I did catch some nice winter shots as I walked, but now lets get inside and have some warmth.

Warming up with coffee and the lodge wood burning fire. I have such sweet wonderful friends.

The folksmarch usually offers some presenter to share on things within the community. Today they had Peter Testa an antique appraiser. He shared about the difference between a collectable( about 50 years old) an antique (over 100 years old) and decorative (most of the crap we have at home right now). Interesting he noted that the value of items has decreased significantly since the introduction of e-bay.  The access of obtaining any item one is seeking has made items value decrease. Basically anyone can sell anything now a days. Now I know why my Barbie dolls are so decreased in value.

We examined items and he appraised some of the items people brought to be evaluated. I wish I brought my Grandmothers dolls. It would have been interesting. There were only a few items brought for appraisal that were worth more then $50-.
Mary asked about some of her family historical items. This was right up her interests, she loves history.

After a history lesson, we had a nice HOT bowl of soup.
Wish I was able to keep up the pace, but glad I was able to enjoy the morning with my girl friends. Mary had to get home to head to her mothers and I had to get home to head to work.

The earlier part of the week was busy although we were pretty STUCK in the house. We got dumped with snow on Thursday, and Friday it was in the negative numbers. I worked Thursday and was surprised to get a Holiday gift card from work. Thank you SBH. Friday I spent the day cleaning and organizing. I almost have a room dedicated to my crafts.
I started a fun photo challenge for the 2014 year. It is 365days of Capture Your 365. A theme is offered for each day and a photo should be taken. No pressure just fun. Here is what I have so far.

1/365: Celebrate

2/365: Goals

3/365: Winter Sports

4/365: A little bit
I am really enjoying this and I think it will help improve my photo skills. Todays theme is With a Fork. Having to use my head a little to find something fun and interesting. The picture above has taken after several photo's I took of crumbs left from an eaten muffin. When the appraiser passed around an antique Horse Bit I had to get a picture for my challenge.  Off to church this morning. I mentioned the zoo to the boys last evening after I got home from work, but I understand they were up til the sun started to shine. (They so missed each other) It may be well after noon when they start to move. Til my next adventure.