Friday, January 10, 2014

RV Dreaming, an icy walk and a little mans birthday!

I went to the RV show at the NY State Fairgrounds. It will be a long time before I will be purchasing one if ever, but it's always fun to look. This was one of my favorites.

There were even nicer ones that cost into the hundred thousands. Nicer then some houses.

The kids would like these spaces.

I also looked at some pop-ups and some hybrids. Those are definitely more in my price range.

I spoke with a very nice woman about what I would like to see happen eventually. She informed me about the differences in prices, the thoughts around the hybrid vs the pop-up and also informed me about the difficulty sustaining a LOAN!!! Gee thanks for CRUSHING MY DREAM. Maybe I better head towards the USED lot.
(Isn't Good Sam cute?) The USED RV building was across the lot and in the Horticulture Building outside the State Park and adjacent to the War Memorials and 9/11 memorial.

I stopped to think about the fallen hero's who served our country and died for it as well.


I got shot of the eternal burning 9/11 memorial flame....

and used this picture for my 365 day 9 Challenge "Where I stand."

I love when I go somewhere and not expect to run into something else. These old fair building and these memorials. For as many times as I have gone to the fair over my lifetime, I would have never noticed these had I not come here for another event other then the fair itself. I stopped to admire these before when I came with Tammy to the Folk Art show.

The neat old architecture.
I failed to get picture of the used RV's, but met a very interesting young man named John who showed me around and offered some answers to questions about certain RV's and prices. The used RV also had a nice hybrid and it's price was much more in my range, as was the standard old pop up. What John answered for me was about heat and air in both the hybrid and the pop-up. Apparently they have both, but the popup's don't always. Something to think about.
I left the RV show feeling satisfied that for now, it looks like we will be in our TENT, renting a CABIN, or finding a HOTEL for the time being. I will have my RV dreams SOMEDAY, and for now I am okay with that...just where am I going right now anyways?
Once I got back to the house my two eldest children were bouncing around the house as were the pup's. I thought what a great time to have some help with the dogs at the dog park. Because of the cold we had not been in days and Riley was in much need of some play time.

Unfortunately there were no other dogs to play with, and the entire park was FROZEN. Riley still ran and the kids had a ball skating across it.

Nick and Alexis did some real skating across this stretch of untouched ice.

Nick even walk on the frozen lake. I tried to take some video. Maybe I should just give this video thing up. Now I cant even load it on to this site.

On this section of ice I was stuck walking Riley and inched along waiting to fall on my butt. I did too.
Disappointed that there were no friends for the dogs to play with but pleased that we were able to have some fun just the same we headed home to wait for Gavin to arrive home from school. Today was his 11th birthday.

He choose to have dinner at the Euclid restaurant. It is located on Rt 31 and Morgan Road in the town of Clay. The meals are generally homestyle and prices are reasonable. It wouldn't be my birthday choice, and it is more crowded in the bar area then the eating part, but generally the food is good, and my son is a big fan of the dinosaur chicken nuggets. We sometimes play the keno balls, which I am told is what keeps the place open.


Gavin had his dinosaur chicken, Nick had a BLT and boy was there a lot of B, Mark had the open face steak sandwich and I had a healthy chicken breast and applesauce. (NO BURGER AND FRIES). I even had a left over chicken for lunch today.  They do not sign or give the birthday person any special deals, but they do offer a frequent flyers card. We usually forget about the card when we come.

For his birthday he got one of the best gifts xbox one. This was a combo gift as it was part of his Christmas gift too. Can YOU SAY SPOILD?????
He's worth it....
Pretty filling day. I even put some gym time in earlier and have been hard at work with the healthier living. Today I am working for a few hours at outpatient, hitting the gym and then the grocery store for some last minute items. This evening is Consultant Club at Sandy's and tomorrow we celebrate the birthday again with a meal out at the Olive Garden and Cookie cake.
Have a wonderful Friday.