Friday, January 3, 2014

The MOST, some missed BBQ and finally some good Old LUBE!

Kelly and I knew we wanted to take the kids somewhere, but just were not to sure where. The Rochester Strong Museum sounded like fun, but Rochester is over an hour drive from here, and the boys might not enjoy it as much as when they were little guys. Howe Caverns has been in discussion since her last visit to NY, but quite honestly the prices are INSANE. $25- for the basic tour. It is an under ground cave....not an amusement park. I finally came up with an idea. The MOST, right in Syracuse. Not to far, price is right and I know the boys will love it. We have had memberships to the MOST in the past, and I know we definitely got our money's worth.

The MOST stands for Museum of Science and Technology.  It is a museum full of hands on science fun. When we had the membership Gavin had his Birthday Party there that year and it was great fun. We also visited the museum simply to visit the IMAX theater on day when we were board.

Kelly had never been and even Gavin was excited to show Mat around.

First stop is the pulley's and magical floating balls.
 One picture under the rocket before heading to the to the Human Heart
 Ewe!!!! Mat thought this giant heart was DISGUSTING!
 Gavin climbed right in and found himself a cubbyhole in one of the aorta's. This piece is so cool, it even makes the lubdub noise while your inside it.
 Gavin then tried his had at simulated basketball.

Before the kids found their way to the jungle gym.
 The Science Playhouse is three floors of slides, tunnels, ball pits, ropes and just plain old fun.

Kelly and I made our way to the second floor to watch them play. Then we searched out the second floors aviation station. We knew those boys would not be out of the science playhouse for some time. On the second floor we got our own opportunity to try out the science projects.

Some flight simulation.

A helicopter ride. When I tried my copter just went around and around in circles. Kelly had a cute little hitch hiker and couldn't take off.

When the boys finally joined us, they were able to make the thing go in the right direction.

They also tried the simulators. Apparently they were not working. I didn't know.
 Little planet earth in the Solar System.
There were some space rockets.

And even what the space center might look like on the moon.
Kelly got some insight on what she would weigh on the planet Mars  .

I still don't want to know even if its 50 pounds lighter then here on earth.

We all tried being weightless on a moon walk. I jumped much higher then I expected, it was rather fun. Kelly skipped it afraid her heals would get stuck in the springs, but Gavin did a ton of bouncing.  Rocket power and amazing strength.

We went down stairs and visited this amazing display of toothpicks. YEP! Toothpicks.

Up next was the simulated ride. It cost $2- extra and I personally did not care to go, but the kids wanted to and an adult had to ride with them. This is one of those movies that moves with the action. We watched a toy rollercoaster.
It ended up being fun, and we all added additional sound effects of screams and oh's as we climbed the toy coaster.
The boys skipped the rock wall, the information on electricity and the butterfly's to try these really cool lights that move with your body.

I'm the red robot with my hand on my face taking a picture. These were so fun. They would move as you moved. We had some much fun making our robots dance and jump around.  
Of course we had to make time for one of those cut out head pictures.
With all we had already done there was still more, we headed back to the human anatomy.

 The human nose blows air and startles as you walk by. It gets me every time, even when I expect it.

 How the ear works.
 And the brain. I enjoyed finding out about left and right brain activity.
This guy will petal his bike if you ride along with him.
 Gavin took another run at the simulated basketball game and we visited with the old time medicine shop where we learned how pills were once made.
Up next we headed into the Earth.
This section has some fun caves to explore, fossils to dig, fish to watch, and a lesson on stalactites and stalagmites. We didn't have to travel to Howe Caverns to get a little cave activity.
After all this there was still more. The back room is home to everything to do with the stars. The boys took turns in the shadow room. A dark room that imprints their shadow on the wall with a flash of light.

Gavin examines electricity.
There is even a planetarium, which cost an additional fee and Gavin and I have never gone. Apparently it is open only on the weekend, so we missed it this time as well.  

We had just enough time to grab a snack and take a look at the model train display before the IMAX movie on the Amazon. They offer a small lunchroom area which is always nice if you want to bring some of your own snacks or pack a lunch.
Snacks completed, we were off to the IMAX theater.

Gavin and I are pro's at the IMAX, and the best seats in the house are NEVER down in the front. We picked out some seats about two rows down from the tip top. The movie was all about the Amazon and two different men who were in search of finding medical resources from the vast jungle. The fun part about these domed movies is that you see and hear everything. I even get queasy every once in a while and have to shut my eyes. There was some problems with the sound on this movie, but we managed.

After the movie there was a guy doing a demonstration on the Hissing cockroach. We took in some information and decided that it was a good thing he and his family lived far far away. Full of science and lots of fun but starving otherwise we headed for the next part of our adventure a very late lunch.

The Dinosaur BBQ is Syracuse's MUST's when visiting and since it was right down the street, we thought we would give it try. Even on a Monday afternoon at 3:30pm it was packed. We did a stroll through this pretty cool place and I inhaled heavy all of the yumminess and we decided to try an alternative eatery.

In the direction of my Liverpool home off 690 is this really cool place called Quaker Steak and Lube. I'm not sure if it's location is considered Syracuse or not, and if you don't know where your going you might never find it. The placement of this pretty popular restaurant is rather odd as it is right in the middle of NOWWHERE!

There is some fun decorations within the place and it is EVERYTHING motorcycles and cars. They also make some pretty delicious wings. This is coming from a non-wing eater.

Gavin and I split a six pack of wings. Three bow ties and three wings. It worked out perfect as he's a bow tie kind of guy. We had mild, but they offer an atomic flavor that apparently you have to sign a waver to eat.  Mat had a meal of their boneless wings. Kelly had a chicken salad and of course I had a burger.
As much as the BBQ sounded good, this was a yummy meal and we got our picture in some of those wooden cut outs!
Night had snuck up on us so we headed towards my home, stopped to get my hubby his favorite wings (from another place) and got some movies to watch the rest of the night. The evening was pretty calm. Movies, some snacks and relaxin. So glad to have a visit from my bestie and her son from Florida. Makin plans to visit her and Universal next fall.