Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week Welcomed....

On this post I am going to;
1. Fill you in on the week and any trips made.
2. Update everyone on my plans to or not to return to work.
I'm not sure where to start, but here goes nothing.

On Wednesday, I scored some great deals at the thrifty store. I am such a collector of JUNK but. sometimes I do find a great deal, like this guy.

Isn't he cute? He is a brand new Syracuse University Otto pillow pet. I paid $2.99, online he cost
$29.99. I am feeling pretty much like I scored, and Gavin loved him. I also found this brand new dark/out window panel. Yes I knew it was only one panel, but I had hoped that it would cover the window....the find cost me $1.99. I took the risk. Here is the result...

NOT so good. So I searched online for it's twin. I did find it, and nearly shat myself. $70.00 per panel. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PAY THAT???? Anybody need a curtain? I'm not going to give up just yet. I might be able to get my creative and talented mother to help me out, and keep my eyes pealed for bargain bins at JcPenny's (this is where the brand came from) there has to be a stray twin out there to match this lovely guy right. Just why do they sell things like this in pieces many people (besides me on a deal at the thrift store) buy just ONE curtain panel? NO ONE.....The company has just been smart enough to say you need two so we'll jack up the price for one, then give you a deal off if you buy two. I say it simply SUCKS. So I am out $1.99 but have a very nice piece of curtain.
 I spent the rest of the day organizing and getting things off to deposit at the thrifty store myself. NOTE that I will not be dropping off ONE (Singular) curtain panel.
Later that evening I made it to the guy with Tammy and attended a class called Bhanna ( I think I spelled it badly). It had an Indian flair to it and it seemed very similar to Zumba. Tammy and I went to Friendly's after, she wanted ice cream. I sat and had black coffee. Still working on the weight loss and I am officially down 9 pounds since I started this plan just under two weeks ago.

She looks much better after the gym then I do....but then she looks better most of the time anyways.
Thursday was spent on the low. I did a little cleaning around the house and watched the movie Behind the Pines with Ryan Gosling and Bradly Cooper.

 It was a different movie, but I enjoy those kinds of weird twisted fate things.
Thursday evening I went to my sleep study appointment.
Here is a bathroom selfie of me with all the wires and electrodes. It sucked..... I don't know how I got any sleep with this stuff on.
Here is a sexy one of me....There were electrodes on my legs and my chest, the nice man who hooked me up and took this picture, Elhondro (spelling) informed me there are more and had I been in Texas there would have been more things running to my body. The whole thing was just such a strange experience. Crossing my fingers that everything is OK!!!!

 Six weeks ago I was fearful I wouldn't get the opportunity to go to work.  About three weeks ago, I was ready to go back to work and concerned that the State wouldn't call me. Two weeks ago I got my go ahead letter informing me of what the job entails, 1 week ago, I talked to my husband about NOT returning to work, and in just over one week I go in for my interview/orientation.
Apparently I am still VERY confused. Thing is the job is NOT what I really had hoped it would be. Inside my head I made it much more dreamy and so less a nightmare. Now that the job details have been presented to me in black and white I am having a very difficult time thinking that this could in anyway benefit me, my family or our current circumstance. Sure its headaches from the job demands...(its not that difficult of a job), and consistent and has all the state benefits...BUT....its crappy money, crappy hours, and crappy days off, limited vacations and I might have to take MANDATED over time. It might have been a great job for me, which it was 25 years ago. Now....I'm over qualified, over whelmed with the schedule, and just plain OVER with the idea of taking a job I could have got with my HS diploma or a GED. Nothing against these positions, and honestly I have encouraged my daughter to look into something like this. But Its just NOT for me at this point in my life. Hubby has been pretty supportive of this decision, but insists that I at least attend the interview/orientation as I have already agreed to the appointment. So be it, maybe he thinks I might change my mind....I may stick out the orientation too, we shall see.
Friday I was scheduled to go to my Close to My Heart class, but I had some strange allergic reaction from the glue they used to stick the electrodes to my face with. I stayed home. My friend Carol came over and we caught up.
So far today....all my plans have been squashed due to the SNOW!!! Woke up to a BLIZZARD! I did make it to my first day of HOCKEY and loved it. My body is feeling it now, but I am ready to go at it again next week. Breakfast plans were CA as I really did not want to drive into the city in this weather, I am suppose to go later for a science fun fair with my son, but we will see how the weather cooperates. Tonight is suppose to be people at our house, I guess we will see how that goes. Right now I am ready to curl up with a good movie or a good book. WOW CNY weather can surprise you sometimes.