Monday, February 17, 2014

China Towne....the furniture store in Solvay, NY

Today was of limited adventure....I got myself up and out the door before 9am to attend the (only offered two times a month) Aquatic Zumba class at the YMCA, then went on a Presidents Day Mattress SALE trip to get my youngest a new bed. Mark and I started at the local Big Lots, made our way down to Destiny USA Mall (That was a MADHOUSE) and finally found ourselves at China Towne in Solvay, NY.

This store has a few funny stories behind it that I can quickly tell, and that I shared with my husband on our way to the store itself. My memory (in the 1970-1780's) of China Towne was this was the place where furniture that was never sold went to die. It may actually have been pretty close to what this place was. You could find nearly anything and everything at this place and you could bargain all kinds of prices. In my own adulthood, my early 20's and BC (before children), I had Nick at 23, so it may have actually been in my late teens I went searching for a dresser at China Towne and landed myself a new boyfriend. My saleman Ed and I dated, and he ended up being absolutely CRAZY, COO-COO for Coco Puffs, BATTY, Nutzs. It ended as quick as it started, but I did get a decent dresser from China Towne; come to think about it he lost his job there shortly after we met there. My final story about China Towne goes back to the days when I worked for ARC in the day treatment program just a short walk from the store (1990's). Often a day outing took us to China Towne where, they had the LARGEST stash of WALL PAPER I had ever seen...and for cheep too, quite possibly so much and so cheep....because it wasn't long after that everyone stopped using wall paper in their decor. Despite this, I practiced wall papering my home in multiple colored flowers, several designs and plain old UGLY at dirt cheep for several years before I finally learned to paint with a roller. (There is NO wall paper whats so ever in my current home). For the record...I am an expert wall paper applier, but HATE removing the shit. With these funny stories to tell, there we were Mark and I looking for a mattress for our son.
Not sure if we got the best price, but my son will be getting himself a brand new bed pretty soon. Of course this means I really need to get a jump on finishing up painting his room. No wall paper. The rest of the day was spent doing additional running around. I rented a movie called The Counselor for Mark and me to watch later and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball's 2 for Gavin and the family this afternoon. It has FINALLY Stopped snowing and the sun shown just a little today...spring may be on it's way. I am hopeful. ttfn