Thursday, February 13, 2014

Destiny USA, Syracuse NY

Sunday simply had way to many things packed into it to make it all happen, but I started the day out thinking I could take on that challenge.

(I cannot take credit for this picture)
First thing, this weekend was the Feb. Folksmarch weekend and it was sched. for Destiny Mall. This was my first trip log post last March. We did not go on Saturday as we usually do as this was the Healthy Heart conference instead. So Tammy and I (Mary couldn't make it to either days...she has been busy winning pool tournaments with her hubby..yeah Mary.) decided we would work it in on Sunday. Thing is I promised the boys I would take them to see The second Hunger Games Movie-Catching Fire. Mark was absolutely NOT interested in going, so I was the adult who would be going with them (at that time it was my understanding that it was rated R). So here is the problem and this was my solution. Tammy and I would go to church, she would drive us both to the mall, we would do our walk and I would meet the boys at 3pm for the movie and we would have a nice dinner out after eat cookie cake before Ben's return to his moms, baths, jammies and ready for Monday just in time to watch the season permire of  The Walking Dead. Sounded quite simple actually. Well, not so. Church went late and it was nearly 12:30 before we got going to the mall. Mark and the boys had not eaten lunch and we would be pushing it to get dinner in after the movie as it was a 21/2 hour long flick. All of this stalled getting to the mall before 1pm as Tammy and I planned to start our walk. Tammy graciously bowed out and we all went as a family skipping the walk all together.

We made it to the mall just after 1pm finally got a table and service at TGI Friday's by 1:30 and one hell of a time with our waitress that asked (at 1:30pm) what brought us out SOOOO EARLY???? That should have been our first clue. I will NOT complain about a restaurant that I have loved for years except to say, I was sadly disappointed with this visit. Mark and I discussed how some of these popular chain restaurants have seemingly become less inviting then they once were. Wonder if anyone else has had that experience? I do want to note that I neither Mark or I are anywhere near being THOSE people who complain about the smudged silver wear, or send back the slightly pink steak, we almost NEVER complain. WE get it, restaurant work can be HARD.  I often think we are too nice, Mark pays tips beyond my own personal preference and I think I pay well. Anyways...for us to complain about anything usually means it was NOT good and our service that day WAS NOT GOOD.  Long and the short of it, it took her 15 minutes to return with the change from our bill....and she was nowhere to be found as we waited.

Despite the wait and the poor service, we did enjoy the meal. Ben refused to allow us to inform the waitress that today (Feb. 9th) was actually his real Birthday, so we respected his wishes and didn't. Gavin was about to bust with it, but found it in himself not to share the news. (My kids hate when I take pictures of their meals so I have refrained from that...Gavin hates me taking pictures of him at all, so above is his picture)

With all the wait time however I was able to look us the movie and find out that it was rated PG-13 and I did not have to go with them. I guess I could have done the walk with Tammy. Bummer!!! This made it easy for Mark and I to spend a little time together ALONE. This never ever ever happens.

(I wanted to take a picture of them walking off, but they wouldnt let me)
 So we sent the boys off...first SOLO movie ever....and set out for mall walking.  
For as much complaining the locals of Destiny's really a pretty cool place. Mark and I set out on our own exploration looking for Ben's request for sweat pants. (One would think this would be an easy request). As it turns out, it's a lot harder to find traditional sweat pants then it once was and at Destiny you have about 20 different stores that might actually sell such items. There's a Dicks and a Sports Authority... four major department stores; JcPenny, Macy's, Bon Ton, and Lord and Taylor. Three major outlet stores; TJ Max, Burlington Coat factory and Sear's outlet.  A few dozen sporting goods stores and a host of name stores like Puma and Champs Sports. After several of the stores we actually only found two pairs that might be a likable candidate....and neither were cheep.
 Maybe I am just SOOO cheep these prices are good, but $50- for a pair of sweats knocked me over. Dad's a softy so Ben got his sweats. Happy Birthday. Here are a few random shots I took. I am still working on my 365 photo's and retail therapy was for Feb 10th.

I enjoyed the women's sporting apparel as we were looking.  I'll admit now that my fashion has been "at the gym" I am feeling a bit out of place....those thin well worn sweats are not measuring up to those cute little yoga pants, Zumba attire, or even sweats without the elastic on the cuff. Time to get out of the 80's...but who has the money? WOW $45- for this, $60- for that. I need a whole new sporting wardrobe.....back to the Thrifty store for me....

I actually enjoyed spending the time with my husband. We get silly sometimes and had a little fun at the expensive items. We especially went a little overboard at Sax Fifth Ave. We would hold up an item of little admiration and nearly loose it when we would read the $500 to $600 price tag. The two of us were like little kids...yelling across the store...look at this one, OMG really???? I'm surprised we were not kicked out.

Mark and I made our way around to this NEW little gem that locals have been waiting for a long time. The last time we had Cheesecake Factory Cheese cake was in Las Vegas and we walked miles into Caesar's to find it....IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!  Can you imagine my disappointment when we walked upon this new restaurant and saw this sign.

I settled for Frosty's at Wendy's in the food court instead.
We finally reunited with the boys, who announced that they loved the movie and made our way back home. Just enough time to have cookie cake and sing happy Birthday to our 15 year old before he headed back to his mom's!!!

He loved his sweats, and the few other items he got!
Gavin and I stayed up late to watch The Walking Dead and then even a little later to watch the Talking Dead  before we were all passed out. Had an amazing weekend!!!