Wednesday, February 12, 2014

let me catch up.....

Sorry I am behind. I spent the last several days actually either working or working out. When I finally found time to returned to the blog I found problems and an error key would pop up. I entered in through crome, hoping this will make a difference. So far, no pop up. (crossing fingers). Last week if I recall, was pretty much looking like the picture above. SNOW SNOW and more SNOW! The kids even had a snow day and I never left the house on that day. I missed my Wednesday afternoon weight loss check in, and I am pretty sure I blew everything about weight loss on that day....and though out most of the weekend.

Earlier in the week, Gavin and I took the dogs to the Good Dog park. Of course they loved it. Although Peanut is NOT fond of cold and snow. He gets snow in his little paws and he shakes like he's having a mild seizure. It wasn't to cold or to snowy on this Monday afternoon, but by Wednesday we were SNOWED in.

Gavin has implemented a weekly allowance based up things like cleaning up the dishes, taking care of the dogs, trash and helping with snow removal. By mid day Wednesday I suggested that he get ready for the outdoors and bring a shovel, I added that this might gain him some serious allowance bucks to the discussion and he was quickly dressed and out the door. Two or three shovels of this heavy and thick stuff and he announced he was done. This is what he did instead.

I was SOOO happy when the neighbor came over and snow blew the driveway out!!!
 Here is from the walkway to the road. It really doesn't look that bad, but when you think about how just the day before the roads were bare to the bone.

To bad he couldn't take care of my car too. I should really be using the damn garage...that is what it is there for isn't it?
As the day continued the snow also fell and Mark spent more time shoveling once he go home from work too. Thursday turned out to be a little better. I made it to the gym, did some cleaning around the house, and caught up on the last three American Horror Story episodes I had missed from The most recent season The Coven. It was well enjoyed.
The shows season finale was included in that viewing, fortunate a few of my other favorites are coming up. Walking Dead started up again this past Sunday.
The weekend came upon us quickly. Friday was spent doing the weekly catch up of grocery shopping, cleaning etc.

Saturday morning I was off with the girls to Strong Women, Healthy Hearts.  This was the second event I attended with the girls and last year we had a great time, so we were all ready to go again this year. Hosted by Upstate hospital and 100% FREEEEEEE, (my favorite part) it is all about healthy living.

Tammy, Renee and Doreen joined me on this adventure, and we started the day off with a FREE Riki session. (Doreen and Renee decided against it, last year was more private and dark..they felt weird about the open access etc)

It was different from last year. I enjoyed the relaxation just the same. Tammy said she LOVED it.
We had specific times that we were suppose to attend seminars, but we opted against doing it, and spent more time at the local presented shops and such.

We really did not maximize our time there and spent more time just enjoying each others company. We did get FREE passes to a ladies night at the local COMEDY CLUB...

and there was tons's of healthy foods....

screenings, healthy programs, stress reduction clinics, and all sorts of things.
Last year we had our blood pressure and sugar read and did a lot more hands on stuff. This year we really just enjoyed time together and bailed out early. We skipped the FREE subway meal and went to Denny's around the corner.
It was fun just to spend some time with these lovey ladies.

Later that evening Mark and I took the boys out to dinner at Chili's for Ben's 15th Birthday celebration. He REALLY didn't want us to have the waitress come over and sing, but we did it anyways....

he was so embarrassed. In an attempt at eating a little healthier I enjoyed the drilled chicken sand. Gavin is now the burgers and fries of our meals out.
After some discussion about what we could do for some birthday fun, it was decided that we would go after dinner we were off to Strike and Spare.

We got the special of all the bowling we could do from 5:30pm-10:30pm. The boys pooped out after two games and Mark and I picked up two more including the shots the boys didn't take. I've had enough BOWLING for a LONG time.....

Even though we maxed out the bowling we still had a great time.
and check out those scores...

Once we made it home we played Doggie Beauty Parlor and gave Peanut and Riley baths.
Riley was out of control. The boys and I struggled to get him just into the bathroom, and then he needed to be lifted into the tub. Once the water was running and we were washing him, he whined like those husky's you see in the videos. I've never heard him cry like that before. He soaked the bathroom and there was a flood on the floor by the time we were done. Gavin and I were both drenched as well.
Peanut was much better behaved. He hates it just as much however.
Pretty busy couple of days and Sunday promised to be just as busy. I'll catch you up on that tomorrow.