Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stewards of Children.

Today I went to a training on prevention of children's sexual abuse.

The Stewards of Children program is a nation Wide program working towards prevention of child sexual abuse.
Here is a little promo to the Stewards of Children's website. Darkness to Light
Please visit and make a donation or become more aware to help prevent Children's sexual abuse.

t was a highly structured course, but done quite well. Many of the things I was aware of, but it offered clips from surviving adults which made the topic more real.
Earlier in the day I got my blood drawn, now my Dr. can hopefully find out if there is something else wrong with me....maybe I should be saying HOPEFULLY there is nothing else wrong with me. Anyways, it is done. The rest of  Tuesday I watched a movie I would not recommend to anyone. "The Counselor" neatened up my coupons, made some assessment of Gavin's room before the mattress comes. I made a nice dinner and prepped for tonight and Thursdays meals. I watched a little Olympic's before bed. Rather uneventful, but the morning hours were interesting. Its been strange and I have been less motivated to get out and about with my Husband and Son home. I tried to arrange a day trip for Thursday, but there is just to many things getting in the way. I have work tonight so we couldn't travel today, I have a medical appointment on Friday so we could only go on Thursday and have the full day. I had suggested taking the boys to The Crayola Factory in PA. It's about a 31/2 hour drive. Lots of driving for one day, and with the previous and later days filled with appointments going and sleeping over somewhere seemed impossible. Need to plan better next time I suppose. Signed up to work Sat. this week and Sunday evening. Hoping this will not cause a conflict in my CTMH party Sunday. I only have one guest signed up to come at this point anyways.  Today looks like it will be about as uninteresting as earlier in the week,  plan to finish the painting today before I go to work.  Making sure the kids next break is full!!! Plan is DC!!!