Thursday, March 20, 2014

A new bedroom

Gavin is so happy about his "new" room I had to share a few pictures.
 The bed was made, but Gavin insisted I get one of him "asleep" in his new bed.

It sure isn't a Home and Gardens magazine spread, but he likes it. His "man cave" as he calls it, he now has one of the nicest tv's in the house and the X-box. At least I have my living room back and I am getting closer to having the HOUSE in place. It just occurred to me that I never showed AFTER pictures of my basement. How absolutely embarrassing. I should let you all know that I did Finnish the basement clean out and we did get the new dryer. I need to get on top of that picture stuff. I've been totally slacking on the 365 day photo project as well. I'm like 12 days behind.

I got THE BEST HAIRCUT I have ever had yesterday. I need to get a picture, but I suck at those selfies. I will post soon as we are off to Pennsylvania today. TTFN