Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Problems...end of the week Ya WHOO!!!

I have been struggling with this site the last five days or so. I'm not sure what the problem is. So this is my test to see if things are, up to code!
Thursday I got Gavin early from school. It was the first warm day we have had in what seems like forever, and when I say warm I mean it was about 40 degree's. HEAT WAVE!!!
We had a mission to drop off Lexi at work then take the dogs to the Dog Park. First calling was to indulge in one of those SHAMROCK shakes!!!

I have to get one every March...they are so yummy. YUM! I understand mixing it with chocolate is YUMMY too!
Then off to the dog park. Dogs were in heaven!!! We spent about 45-50 minutes letting the canines run themselves silly before we called it a night. Friday I was off to Vera House for work and Gavin had 1/2 day of school. The afternoon was spent in total LAZY bliss. I have been watching the TV show MOM on demand. It's about this dysfunctional family of recovering alcoholics, somehow I get the twisted humor. I spent a few hours watching the past shows.
 Other news of the week; Basement is finally completely clean out, new dryer arrived. I was scheduled to work as someone was apparently dying earlier in the week, and wasn't the day I was to come in and cover. (My husband was again livid). My scrap room is organized and cleaned out, and I have sorted through about a million pictures. I ordered 8 CTMH studio J layouts and cannot wait for them to get here!!! Seems like I have been pretty busy when you sum it up like this. Week end was GREAT!! I have over 100 pictures of Rochester, NY which I will post later, and right NOW....I cannot believe I scheduled myself to work my volunteer shift at Vera House on the Monday following a Spring forward hour change and I can feel myself resisting the demand to go....Looks like my blog is actually working again, so I will post this TEST and credit my husband for working a magical miracle. (I don't think he even realizes he did).  Til later...cheers!