Monday, March 3, 2014

Cold and Snow...with no place to go!!!

 Friday, after looking at the SNOW and grumbling (despite how pretty I really have had enough),

I made my way to the gym, and a few stores. I found myself some workout pants, sneakers and boots for cheep!!! Cheep is nice!!!
Still SNOW..... I decided to clean the kitchen, did some yoga, and a few Zumba steps I found on Youtube to music from the 70's. Music can get me about you? Mark was gone to his mothers to assist her in moving so it was just the boy and me all weekend long. Gavin and I had a no thoughts dinner of toasted cheese for him and egg salad (minus the olives) for me.

 Nice you think?

 My CTMH order came in and my evening consisted of crafting the workshop on the go, the Skylark pack. I like it it's pretty. I went to bed pretty early and easily fell asleep.
Saturday, Gavin was on a mission to find a certain video game at the video store so we made plans to hit up the video store, get a few things for the evenings dinner and crawl back into the cave locking ourselves in from the cold, wet, winter mess surrounding us.
No luck with the video game, but he scored several video's.. I love getting videos from Family video, the movies we want are almost always there, and I pay about the same as at Redbox. One of the movies he rented didn't work, and when we returned it today, they gave us the video game that finally came in for FREE.
We stopped at Wegmans for a few items and I picked up my favorite soup; Wegman's broccoli white cheddar. YUMMMYYYY!!!!
Gavin wanted a Wendy's salad and chicken nuggets, so I agreed and we found for $1- we could score a FREE frosty anytime we got some food until the end of Aug. He was psyched with his salad, nuggets and FREE frosty! The $1- key tag supports Adoption. Check out if your area Wendy's has this.

 I made a decision that the basement NEEDED to be cleaned out...Last Saturday Mark informed me (right after I had made plans to make a substantial payment on the new bed we put on layaway.) that the damn dryer bit the dust. We have had it for about 8 years (what is the lifespan of a dryer anyways?) I just Google it and it was recommended we fix it as they should live 14 years. Opps!!! We had problems with this set from the time we bought it, and have already replaced the washer after having multiple service workers in to try an fix it, best solution is get it replaced, but we are NOT financially at a place to simply slap down a few hundred for a dryer. Anyways...we ordered a new one and it will be here Wednesday...and the basement is a MESS!!! I am embarrassed to say that this was what I started with.

It continues to be a work in progress, I cranked the music and made the most dent I have in years. Still needs a lot of work.
Looking much more organized.
Things have somewhat of a place. Wonder why we have TWO Life games? Is that because we really ned to get a LIFE!!! (Bad joke).

My plan was to finish it today, but I got sidetracked with a few hours reading the newspaper, trolling the internet, playing with my scrap stuff and watching The Dallas Buyers Club. (It was pretty good.). As I finish up this post I am even more glad to say I watched a movie that WON two Oscar awards!!! Best Actor: Matthew MCConaughey and Best Supporting Actor: Jared Letto.
Here is the trailer.
While internet searching/stocking I enjoy reading blogs, pinning pins, and playing stupid FB games. This is all terribly addicting. I stumbled upon a few fun sites for women one was about Glamping. I stole this definition from the urban dictionary". Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It's like regular camping , but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn't done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains."
We have always had camping sites with electric so we could watch TV.....LOL. I most enjoyed the site Maryjanes farmgirl sisterhood. Let me see if I can get a link to it.
try this.
Certified Farmgirl
Anyways. It had tons of information, pictures and a women's "club" "group" that one can sign up to be involved with. I'm not sure if they meet up, or if this is my thing, but I did get a kick out of the badges that one can earn. How fun is that???? It's like being an ADULT GIRL SCOUT!!! After some consideration I decided that the badges are just to much work for me to try and earn, but it was fun to consider. There are so many things I have never done on these lists that it might be fun just to try. Something like make my own apron, or run for some political seat.
Another fun women's group is the Sister's on the Fly.
These women travel together camping in their vintage campers simply having tons of FUN!!!! They can earn badges too. Their badges seem a little more like fun then the hard work of the farm girls. Some are things like make a signature mixed drink. I have a "shot" (pun on words get it) of earning these type of badges.
Both seem like so much fun. It's nice to know that there are groups like this out there for women to embrace each other. I think I am drawn to these groups, because they so remind me of my Grandmother. She was a big traveler and spent many years traveling with tour groups and such. I bet she would have been a sister on the Fly or a Farmgirl in a heartbeat. I know she struggled after my grandparents divorce. Something like these groups would have been right up her ally. I so wish I had more time with her. It makes it all the more important to spend that time with my own mom!!! I could see her being one of these women too, but she would already blow off the badges in the crafting section, and she has just taken on a new business venture. I have some pretty amazing strong female footsteps to follow......

Can you see NOW why the basement never got completed???? Anyways..I had hoped to have this blog out last evening, but now it is Monday morning and another week lay ahead. SNOW still, but at least it's not NEW, COLD  yes, but NOT nearly AS COLD. Is Spring on it's way? I'm not convinced quite yet, but hopeful. Enjoy your day!