Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day and A CTMH pajama Party!

Good Morn....and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Friday evening I was off to Sandy's for Consultant Club. As always we had a BLAST and several new fun CTMH ideas were exchanged while cards and layouts were made. Thank you Sandy for being such a GREAT up line. Sandy's 40th Birthday was last month and SHE GOT ENGAGED!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for her!!! It's been a LONG TIME coming.
 Johnnie-Lynne, Sandy and Lara.
Melissa and Judy.
We worked with Balloon Ride paper pack.

(layout designs are made exclusively by Ms. Sandra VanNorstand)
I have continued to "envision" my Close to My Heart business as being a BIG success, but have not been as PRO- active about putting my best foot forwards with it. In fact this entire last week has been an over all a low for me. I will spare myself the boring details, but will ever remind myself that the fact is.... if I allow myself to fall pray to the poor little me's I most certainly will let myself find justification to support WHY I SHOULD feel that way! Last week quite frankly was one of those weeks where if I was an ADDICT...I would definitely be in RELAPSE MODE!!! I did not make it to the gym once, I ATE like a PIG, My house fell pray to the MESSY's,  I didn't make any grand travel plans, no visits with friends, and NOTHING got DONE but a WHOLE lot of DVR watching. This overwhelming fact made the FUN planned GIRLS SLEEPOVER weekend with the Hearts a Flutter team....COMPLETELY full of GUILT!!! (Not that anyone...was implying that I should feel guilty...but I was feeling GUILTY.)
I had a good case of the YUCKS most of the week, and when I get in that hole, it's hard to get out.....I did however, have a GREAT time with the Hearts a Flutter team sleepover on Saturday...despite not being myself all week and having to work on Sunday morning.

These CTMH weekend are WHY I so desperately do NOT want to loose my business status. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these gals and the FUN we have..
I found a few PAST pictures of some of the FUN!!!! This was from my first Close to My Heart Convention in 2008 Orlando.

 Sandy, Chris and I flew down and stayed together at the Gaylord hotel with Lynne. It was one of the MOST fun I have ever had....

Memories of these days makes me really want to pump up my business....and LOOSE SOME WEIGHT!!! Hello just when did I get so FAT and OLD?

Christine was our amazing planner and host of this weekends SLEEPOVER CROP party. She has the BEST house for such fun, and is the HOSTESS with the Absolute MOSTESS!!!
She had a place setting for all of us with goodies. Look at these Mason jar glasses....I love it! She also made PUNCH with a Punch to go with them.

I was going to share a bedroom with Lynne for the night, and Chris had plans for everyone's sleeping arrangements. Along with hours of scrapping, meals, drinks, loads of fun and friends, there was also a masseuse. I didn't get a massage (cause I am so damn cheep), but the rest of the ladies LOVED it...
Judy went first here is her before and after pictures.
She was so lucid she was swinging her bra...
it must be a genetic thing because after Sandy (Judy is her mother) had her massage, she came swinging her bra too..

Meals were prepared in groups..I was on lunch ... EVERYTHING was Delicious!!!

 Lara made aprons. This one is her's with all of the owls on it, she had given one to Sandy the night before and this pretty flower one was for the hostess Christine....Very NICE!

Lara and Chris.
We tried to get some projects done in between all of  the fun..I managed to get three layouts done from pictures I had years ago before it was time for dinner. It is difficult to focus on your own work when there are so many more fun things to do like...drink the punch, chat with your friends and see new projects.

 Sandy and Johnnie-Lynn
 Sandy and Kate
 Judy and Johnnie-Lynn
 Lynn and Ryan

Dinner was an amazing SPREAD!!!! We all ate and drank well.

Desert was even MORE amazing.

After dinner was project time. Kim showed us a few more of her fun cards as well as a neat cadbury Easter egg holder. I did a little catch up on the projects I missed last month at Consultant Club. Which lead me to conclude I will NEVER miss and try to do a make up Consultant class again.

Lots of work took place that evening. In all there were 11 of us girls..
Me, Sandy, Chris, Lara, Johnnie-Lynn, Lynne, Ryan, Kim, Sherry, Kate, Phyillis,  and Judy. We had a wonderful time.
Nite Nite ladies..
I had planned on staying the night and pulling myself out of the bed for work at 8:30am, but decided that I would do better giving it a go from home. Better planning next time I guess, but my job calls me in so infrequently of late, I got to get the hours when I can. It looks like this is the ONLY time I will be working this month.
I so love this team, and I am go glad to be a part of it...These ladies are so wonderful. Thanks again Sandy for being the mother to these many sisters of mine!!!