Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Keeping it Busy!

Trip log is on the down low this week so far. I have no news to reports on any "REAL" trips. I had a few of my usual comings and goings as this week has progressed and have been trying to KEEP myself busy.

At this moment, I am currently awaiting the delivery of my son's bed!!! Yes, it is nearly two weeks after it was paid for, and I am guessing had I not called on Monday it may very well have sat for an eternity in some warehouse somewhere...but I sit waiting.....I have a hair and brow appointment at noon, and I was at my second sleep study last night so I  have adhesive in my hair from where they stuck the electrodes.... I would prefer not to answer the door for a delivery in a towel...nor would I like to go to my appointment with glue in my hair....PLEASE GET HERE SOON!!! I am going to get my hair done (as it has only been about a year since it was cut) at the local cosmetology school. Their $5- haircut SCREAMED my name when I came across it in the school bulletin, and a wax job too!!! For all of about $8- and a tip....I have found my secret for ALL FUTURE beauty needs. They do mani's and pedi's too! AND FACIALS. So I am affords me the opportunity to GO ON MY TRIPS!!!! (showered, bed delivered, set up, made and I am eating a quick lunch before I run out the door.)
So far this week;, I made my daily trip to the gym and did an hour of work. I did some investigative work around getting my licence, cut coupons and made a weekly menu, had my second (yes..I am such a sucker for this stuff) McDonalds Shamrock Shake, tried two different store to find mint milk before they were gone gone gone and guess what...they were all GONE,  called  OASAS about teaching as well as submitting an email to the SBH training personal, organized all of my CASAC stuff in binders, took and worked with the customer on a CTMH order that slid me into Consultant Status, submitted application for FREE CASAC hours, registered for a training on HIV/Hepatitis (and I get 6 CASAC hours for FREE), Called Oswego State University about returning to school (there is no way I can afford Syracuse University), got pictures for my Wine Tour project at two different stores, did a search at three Thrifty stores for navy blue curtains (no luck), attended a sleep study again, rented and watched FROZEN

(Great movie by the way)
last evening while eating soup out of a bread bowl. This was all before Wednesday morning. I have a few things on my list of to-do's yet today...I can cross of the bed and I am about to go get my hair/brows done, but I must make sure I clean out the car and fill her up...because tomorrow we are taking a ROAD TRIP. I cannot wait to blog about another trip. TTFN
I have a picture of my son on ST. Patty's day that is not very flattering, but I had to get one with his GREEN hair...he is so over me and my pictures.  I am disclosing  with his parents permission this picture and hope he does not hate me to much in the future..
I love my little leprechaun.....TTFN