Saturday, March 22, 2014

Making our way to Pennsylvania: Mini PA vacation part I

Mindy and I had talked about going to PA and making a visit to the Crayola Crayon Factory with the kids. We made it a reality these past few days when the kids had a school day off. The plan included leaving right after they got out of class and driving as close to Easton or until I got tired, staying at a hotel for the night and enjoying the day at the Factory.
Planning on being a cheep as we could be, both of us packed snacks and meals for the trip including kid friendly mac n cheese, crackers, juice boxes, and deserts. No one was going to starve on this trip, and the mommy's were not about to worry about their waste lines either.

We entered Pennsylvania at about 4:30 making a quick stop at the Welcome center for a map and a potty break. Only Luke joined me, so he was the only one who could SMILE, you're in PA for a picture.
I had found a hotel; Comfort Inn for reasonable, just off Interstate 80, which was near where we were headed and made a plan to get us there.
Luke, who absolutely LOVE's turtles decided that the hotel was a positive pick and good sign when we pulled in and found these fun little guys at the hotel entrance.

 We got there just around "happy hour" and were invited to the on site bar for 1/2 priced appetizers and  $5- martini's.  Well that was nice, and both the mom's thought the idea of a cocktail before being locked in one room with three kids sounded ideal.
Don't these sound super good? I choose a Jolly Rancher and Mindy got the Lemon Drop. In addition to the yummy goodness of these Martini's, in our welcome envelope was two FREE soda coupons and two FIVE dollar coupons for well drinks...HUMMMM...even better. That makes are drinks FREEEEEEE!!!! I love FREE!

The AWESOME bartender even let us, get an additional FREE "traveling" Martini just before we left to take with us to the pool. Thank YOU!!!

Here Mindy and I are happy as can be with our FREE and delish Martini's. Here's a glimpse of my new hair cut too! Don't fret, we didn't totally forget about the kids hanging out on the stools behind us. We got them some amazing appetizers.

Gavin got french fries and cheese, and I added mac and cheese bites. Luke got fries too and Maddy had fried pickles. Everything was soooooo good!!! The kids loved the idea that they got to sit in the bar and hang with the adults.
After our fill of good food and getting our "traveling" Martini's we were on a mission to hit up the hotel pool and hot tub.
I personally could not wait for an entire hot tub experience.

Here is a quick video I took too.

We were the only one's there for most of the evening, and the kids were in HEAVEN. Mindy and I found some heaven ourselves with the hot tub and when the "eye candy" of young Swedish (I am guessing by their accent) men who came in and started doing flips off the deep end. HEY!!!! We can LOOK!!!!! No harm in LOOKING!!! (no I did not take pictures, however I did score the several flips these young men did) 9.8!!!
After a nice swim and a few long minutes in the hot tub, the kids needed some "dinner"....Thank goodness for mac and cheese. Now we just needed a microwave. In our pajama's we all made our way to the kitchen adjacent from the bar....WHAT DO WE CARE????? WE'RE on VACATION!!!!

Mac and Cheese at 9pm!
Then a little old time HOTEL room fun. (No there was not a lot of bed jumping, but here was some silly faces)

I told the boys stories of when I was there age with my bestie Lynne. When  we would go on business trips with Lynne's parents and they would go out for the evening we were left at the hotels for some FUN!!! We had an ice war in the hall once, made trips to  the Kids do not enter rooms, watched tv with total control of the channels and would jump on the beds so high!!! WOW!! What crazy things kids did in the 70's without hand held game systems. (Our boys did sneak into the weight room for a moment or two, and tried to scare us by hiding under the stairs).
The following morning we were welcomed to a GREAT breakfast.

I had eggs, 1/2 a bagel, hash browns and sausage.

and I made Gavin homemade waffles.

Nice way to start off our day! I just love this picture of Maddy, apparently having breakfast is hard work.

After breakfast we packed up and headed just a bit more South East towards the town of Easton PA and home of the Crayola Crayon Factory!!! Check back for part II