Wednesday, March 12, 2014


WOW!!! It was one whole year ago today that I posted my very first Trip log blog!!! It's hard to believe how fast, yet how FULL a year can be! I really have very little to post about today, but I wanted to be sure I mentioned that despite most inconsistent things in my life, I have been keeping up on my Trips and making sure I blog about them for ONE FULL YEAR! What has changed? What has stayed the same? Its is amazing what a year can do.
Personal highlights included; quitting my job, getting back to the gym, attending a college course, starting and ending a home business, committing to a monthly march with friends, quitting some bad habits, getting on top of myself medically, taking some amazing trips and connecting with my LIFE. I saw my daughter graduate from High School and get her first real job, my son's achieve both athletic and academic advances. I saw my eldest start college. We gained a new member of the family, who finally did get the whole potty training thing. I connected and reconnected with friends, I celebrated one more year of Holidays and good days and several just plain old there has got to be better days... with the most amazing man in the world. Now were on to yet another year, and as I look back over these blog posts, I am SO glad that I started this. How incredibly rewarding it is to look back over one part of my life and recall all of the moments that made up such a significant existence.  It really makes me think about just HOW AMAZING my everyday life really can be.
Today, I sit SHOCKED at the early April Fools joke the weatherman has played. Still in disbelief that school and most in the surrounding area schools are CLOSED for a snow day. Rain drips from the sky while icicles melt off the roofs. It was 50 degree's they expect a BLIZZARD to drop some outrageous amount of snow on us. Just a few fluffs of that white stuff has started to fall as the rain turns to snow and I am sighing....really!!! Guess we will all be home for the day, good thing I got some movies to watch. I watched Caching Fire yesterday afternoon before I ran off to a Vera House presentation. In my "good" judgement I decided to get on the Thruway and head EAST to save myself a few minutes since the presentation was just off the Carrier Circle exit....East was not the direction I should have taken....west was. nearly 40 minutes later I got to the presentation. Of course I took the ONLY Thruway on ramp that does not have an exit for 20+ miles. I ended up in Canasota, NY. (Maybe there is something there to visit, but not on this trip) I was angry, but I made it to the presentation moments before the presenter was about to speak.
The presenter was Jennifer Nader. She is a Sexual Abuse survivor and voice for survival. Her presentation was absolutely amazing. It's hard to praise something that was so incredibly terrible, but it's easy to praise her courage to tell her truth about herself. What was nice (another word that just does't seem right) about the presentation was that she was so incredible RAW about her experience. Anyone telling you about their abuse is emotionally charged, but the way Jennifer told it was charged times 10. She gave her experience, how she dealt with it through repression and inward anger, then how she began the process of healing. Stories like these make you really think....and just moments ago I was so angry about driving 40 minutes out of my way. What have I been complaining about?...... being upset about someone cutting me off in traffic, hurt that a friend didn't come by...upset that I don't have new living room furniture...pissed that I had to wait for my new Dr. to see me. REALLY makes one think about what we so often take for granted.
Anyways....I am grateful for another day, despite there being MORE snow, grateful that I have my health, my sanity and another year to look back and recall all of those monumental events that have impacted my life. GRATEFUL for the moment I have right now.