Thursday, April 3, 2014

A 21st Birthday!

WOW!!! my eldest child has turned 21!!! His Birthday wish was to have a "shot" with his mother. I told him NO!!! Sorry to bust your bubble kid, but you still are my KID regardless if the law says you can drink or NOT!!! The actual date of his birth was April 1- April fools day, but we celebrated on the 2nd as it fit around schedules. He spent all day yesterday hanging out with his mom. I suppose I should be honored that I am one of the people he wants around at 21. I am pretty positive on my 21st birthday my parents were last on the list. I was at such a different place when I turned 21 then my son is. I am sure he is still trying to figure out who he is, but I wasn't even on the right track. On my 21st I was not looking to share a shot with anyone...but damn drink it for myself. I'm sure my 21st Birthday was memorable, but I sure cant remember as it was clouded by the blackouts I had that night.

His birth was my own personal wake up call. Life changed forever after he was born.  Now I know that your suppose to love each of your children just the same, and I do, but Nick played a different role in my life then any of my other children. It was just US for a long time when he was little, and for what was going on around us at the forces a unique relationship. Any who.....I digress. For Nick's 21st birthday he wanted a few items so we went out and about for this, and he requested dinner at TGI Fridays at Destiny Mall.

We all met up with my parents for dinner. Mark came straight from work, I took two of the three boys and Lexi had to work.
Nick and my Mom

Nick and my Dad

Dinner at TGI Friday's is always good tasting, we have had a few problems with service at this particular TGIF in the past, but I am a big fan of the Pecan Crusted Chicken salad and this is Nick's favorite.
My mom has been busy venturing into a new business with six friends. It sounds exciting, but risky and she presented a little hesitance about things last evening. I am hoping she makes a sound decision with this despite her fears. I have been and still encourage her to get on Facebook as she could spread her business this way too. She is an artist, and specifically does quilts.
We all enjoyed dinner and Gavin had to tell the waitress that it was Nick's Birthday so the staff sung to him. He was embarrassed, but I know he liked it.

That looks like a smile of enjoyment not embarrassment to me!!!! Happy Birthday Nick!! My mom and I shared stories about when Nick was a baby, and  after dinner Gavin went home with Mark and I got some more alone time with Nick. We spent some time at the mall. I used some Bath and Body coupons for some FREE and discounted items. I LOVE THAT!!! and he went home. It was a nice day with my eldest son. April 1st proved to be a beautiful warm day and Gavin and I took the bikes out for the first ride of the season. He had his 6th grade physical earlier that day and is HEALTHY!!! He also got his tetnas shot and was so worried it would hurt, when it was over he was shocked it wasn't that bad...Isn't it always like that. He has been working on State Exams all week. I might be more of an ANGRY mom about this Common CORE if Gavin was actually struggling with things, but he seems to have a natural ability to simply just "get it". (This is definitely NOT my genetic make up). He continues to do well with this stuff and I am NOT to concerned about it. Others might have a different opinion about it.
 A few months ago, I applied for a 30 hour FREE CASAC class that I was surprisingly accepted to take and the classroom work happens to be during the kids spring break. I haven't said much to the kids yet, but I am thinking we might postpone the trip to DC. My classes are in Albany, so Mark and I are thinking about doing something around that area and his moms instead. Financially it makes more sense anyways.
It looks like it might be another beautiful day, the snow is melting, the birds are chirping. I am SO glad to be done with winter. I think today I will try and be outdoors, and try not to think that I am actually the MOM of a 21 year old. Til next time.TTFN