Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another, but more successful Geo-cashing attempt.

After coming off a candy coma on Monday morning, we all decided to try one more time at Geo-caching. This time I think we were better prepared and guess what...we actually found some. We had all done a bit more research and are officially part of the team with our own name and everything. We found if we actually punch in the coordinates ourselves we have a much better outcome.
Our first search took us in circles,(I think it was because we were coming in from a residential area and if we could go through peoples back yards etc we would have gotten there. Sometimes don't use the street directions. We eventually gave up, but the next one lead us to the Dog Park. This was a great bonus as we had the dogs with us. Mark took Riley to the dog park, while the boys, Peanut and I went towards our first find.

Just  up from the dog park is a walkway that lead us towards our very first (we did find one three years ago), but our very first find doing this as a Family UNIT! The cache was called Puppy Love.
SPOILER ALERT!!!!! This post has some pretty helpful pictures for those who are looking for this cache.
 We took the trail about 1/4 of a mile up to where the land ends and only water meets.

After our last few failed attempts we were super determined to find our very first one, even if it meant  climbing over logs, rocks, swamps and tons of prickers!!!

The boys headed deep into the woods off the trail for this one, but found it almost immediately!! Here it is!!!

We were all EXCITED!!! we took a basketball hand game and left green beads.

Official #1 find Puppy Love

 Gavin playing with his cache find while Ben puts in the coordinates for our next attempt.

Up next was one that was indicated as being within the dog park itself.  This one was called Where the Dogs run (there was more, but I forget) we never found it anyways, but we did try.

The weather was beautiful. It couldn't have been a better day to do a search, but it sure made it difficult to hide from people as we searched. Part of the game is to keep it a secret. We made our way back to Onondaga Lake Park to try the original one we couldn't find last week.
Library Safari find #1.

We headed to the same place we had been days before. This time much more determined.

....And this time, we had LUCK on our side!
Our second find of the DAY!!!!

Official#2 Find  Library Safari Find #1
By then we were feeling like PRO's!!!! We decided to keep on keepin on and try Library Safari #2.

It became quite a distance of a walk from #1 to #2, but we enjoyed the 2+mile walk along Onondaga Lake Parkway. There were people EVERYWHERE enjoying the beautiful day. PICTURES HAVE MORE SPOILERS!

The next cache was down along the parkway and in the woods a little bit, but that did not slow these boys down they found it pretty quickly.

Official #3 find Library Safari #2

We  were all feeling pretty tired from the walk, the dogs were too, so we headed back towards the car.
It was about a 2 mile hike back and Gavin was already NOT happy with the hall there, so we took our time getting back.

The weather was beautiful and the day was much enjoyed and we all had such a great time finding our caches, but we were ready to call it a day.