Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cheesecake Factory at Destiny Mall on a Saturday is a NO GO...we went to Gordon Biersch's instead.

Last weekend my mother in law, Diane came for a visit. We expected her around noon, so Mark and I took the dogs to the dog park, and after I prepared to make a big brunch. She arrived around 11 we all had brunch, and while I did some much needed shopping, she and Mark went to OTB.
The late afternoon plans included gaining a seat at the new Destiny restaurant The Cheesecake Factory.
(photo taken from internet image data)
 The mall parking lot was more crowded then I have ever seen and we ended up parking the farthest out I have ever been. The mall was packed as well. Once we arrived at The Cheesecake Factory, it was clear we would not be dining with this newly added eatery on this trip. Over a 2 hour wait to get seated. Clearly there were other who were willing to wait that long, but we decided to seek out a less popular restaurant.  We did run into Stacey and Ed who had made the best choice to simply call ahead and pick up a few slices of cheesecake. Bravo for the pre-planned smarts.
Not to be to disappointed. We made a few trips around the mall before we decided on Gordon Biersch!

This was the first new restaurant I tried with the girls back in March 2013 after the Folksmarch, and also where we dined with Kelly and Joseph came to visit this past summer. Nothing ever wrong with a burger and fries and they make theirs covered in GARLIC!
It was still crowded, but we didn't have to wait.

(These are the only pictures I took all weekend I am so slacking...)

Mark had a burger with egg on it.

Gavin had his Bacon and Cheese burger...he also had his fries FREE of garlic.

Ben was the most healthy and had a salad, and Bubbe had something German. There we no complaints from the "normal" people at that table about the food. Gavin who is most accepting of McDonalds or Burger King had several, but he was not enjoying the fact that we were at the mall in the first place.
To burn off all that FAT we took a leisurely walk around the mall. There are some great stores and tons of entertainment. The evening concluded early and we were soon on our way home. I chuckled at some of the outfits people were wearing as we left. Several people were dressed for clubbing and other evening entertainment. I guess there are several things to keep yourself busy for a NIGHT LIFE at the mall too. There was a vast difference in the attire presented at the mall that evening. There were women in scant clothing all dolled up for an evening out. I am way to fat and way to old to dress in some of those mini dresses and five inch heals in the first place, but even if I wasn't I would NOT be walking through the mall in such outfits. The men were not so different in their get ups too. If people were NOT all dressed up for the night, they were wearing things like pajama. I saw one guy in pajama bottoms and boots. Whatever works I guess. The evening ended much to quick and we had a busy day planned for the CASINO tomorrow so it was lights out early.