Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter weekend post...(just a little late)

Happy Easter....
I am about a week behind. I initially started this post on Easter Sunday.
On Friday, Gavin and I decided instead of taking any outdoor trips we would hit up the Library's free movie's. We made it just as Frozen was starting and decided that we didn't need to stay for the rest of the line up that was to be presented the rest of the day. The library offered FREE popcorn and juice boxes, which is always nice and Gavin sang the songs through out the show (don't tell him I said so). We tried to re-new the geocache machine when the movie was over, but was instructed that Mark would need to, as it was under his card. (He called and did it later)

If you have not see Frozen I recommend it, it is really really cute. Lunch was at Micky D's, and Gavin and I took the dogs for a much needed walk and "lesson". Gavin has been so anxious about Riley's escape a while back he is terrified to take him anywhere. After some reinsurance and  discussion, we have initiated a plan to a. keep Riley safe, and b. Keep Gavin's anxieties about loosing him down. First lesson included a walk with strict rules about pulling. He is terrible about pulling when on the lease, and I quite honestly have NOT taken him on walks myself because of his pulling. We do however have to BREAK him of it for his own good and ours. He and we all did pretty well I think, now we just have to make this an ongoing thing. Ultimate goal is taking him on trips with us, and if Gavin is so anxious about his running off, then we will never get anywhere.
The rest of the afternoon was spent walking the dogs and getting ready for the rest of the weekend. Gavin and I also took a trip to the Pet store and obtained dog tags for Riley and additional re-assurance that should we loose him, at least he has a name and address.
Gavin and I also picked up a few Easter surprises for the pups. Ducks with Bunny ears and Bunny ears for us too. The Dogs looked much better in them and those Duck bunny ears were the first to go by Riley's chews.

Easter Eggs were dyed and prepared for the bunny.

I will be eating egg salad for the next week. Easter morning I went to church with my eldest son.

 I'm not sure what was going on with my camera....

 here too???

Northside Baptist had a special service at the Syracuse OnCenter down town. Beautiful service on Coming home to Jesus.
The rest of Easter Sunday was low key. We decided to have the Candy Egg hunt on Monday when Ben was with us. Gifts were given too. Everyone got new bathing suits (I am not included in this). Gavin also got a new vinyl head figurine for his Walking Dead collection (No pun intended) and Ben got a new Basket Ball hoop return.

They were off. I save 1/2 on my Easter Candy this year, by simply waiting a day to do our egg hunt. I might do this every year. Kids had a great time finding the hidden eggs, this year they had to watch out for doggy grenades on the lawn and the bunny had to hide up higher then he/she used to. I think everyone had a Wonderful Easter Weekend!!