Monday, April 14, 2014

Girls Night, Soccer and a failed Geocaching experience.

This past week was spent WORKING..YUCK right? Not much fun happening around here. I worked at my volunteer job on Monday, last Saturday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I got paid for my time at the CD clinic and Wednesday I volunteered for the Red Cross..  Working all the time limits the fun you can have....I did sneak away on Friday evening for a little Girls Night. It has been awhile since all of us have gotten together. I am ever so grateful for the people in my life and glad that we had the time to spend together.

Cathy, Doreen and Molly have been working hard at weight loss and they all LOOK amazing. Renee always looks amazing, they do too, but even better. We always find a way to have fun and that evening we played a game that was referred as the "Ellen" game. I am not sure what the real name is.

Basically you guess the word on your forehead. Its and app. It was a lot of fun. I think my favorite was the 80's.

 We spent a ton of time catching up with one another and being silly. We even took a trip to the local D&D to act silly in public. (I feel so sorry for the kids that have to take care of us when we get OLD).

It was a nice night, great opportunity to catch up with friends. We did some discussion around a summer camping trip. That would be fun.
Saturday was spent cleaning, re-organizing, and catching up on things missed over the week. It was one of those days that got missed in all the things I feel did not get done. The only time I left the house was with the hubby to take those two muddy dogs to the dog park for some exercise. I'm home most of this upcoming week, so hopefully this stuff can get done.
Sunday we had discussed going to some park somewhere and taking a long walk with the dogs, but we also had Ben's final soccer game smack in the middle of the day. The boys thought Geocaching would be lots of fun. We tried it a few years ago and after a long day of searching we finally found just one. This time we were determined and READY!!! The plan was to rush to the Library get the rented GPS equipment (quickly) and make a few cache's before it was soccer time. The library didn't open till noon, so I went to Church with Jenny, we packed up and were at the library by 12:20 checking out the equipment. Problem is, its a little bit more complicated then simply turning on the system and heading for your treasure. The multiple librarians we asked for help were just  as clueless as we were. I will spare your the frustrating details.....  By 1:20 we were on our way for our first search and had to be heading home by 2pm to get ready for soccer.

We were searching for the Safari Library search #1. Just based on the clue alone I knew where to head. The machine indicated another direction, and as we got closer we were clearly being lead right into Onondaga Lake. We circled the area for quite some time before we decided that we would have to give up and head back to the car or we would be late for soccer. It was so irritating. The long time spent in the library set off a course of BUMMER with these plans and now we had to give up because we were out of time.
We tried the library's second hidden spot, this time driving and we simply could not get to the lake from the car, so we headed home and off to soccer. Frustrated we looked on the geocaching web site only to read that someone had found the very spot we had been looking for earlier that day.....SO ANGRY!!!

Off to soccer. This was the last game of the season. Ben always plays well, unfortunately they lost 2/1. I spent some time messing around with the GPS machine while we watched the game, and THOUGHT I had a better awareness of it. So after a late lunch/early dinner at Denny's. (The boys wanted Heids, but there was a line around the building), we tried a spot I found messing with the machine just down the road. This time we were all feeling confident as we set out along a creak located in  a place I did not know existed. (That is one thing I have found about the Geocaching, is there are a-lot more places to explore then just what I was aware of).

I think we were all feeling like this time we would score. We looked and looked and looked. I even found a bag hooked to a tree that looked like a flag purposelessly put there so I was sure this was a clue. But Nothin!

Once again the machine had us in circles and we lost the coordinates twice. Often it would indicated that we had something like 3 plus miles to get to where we were heading and we knew that wasn't the case.
 It was so frustrating going around and around in circles.

I tried by myself and found a hole...but I wasn't about to stick my hand in to see if we could find anything. The coordinates indicated right on top of it, but if I went a short distance to the right or the left it would tell me something completely different.
Clearly again we were doing something wrong. It was getting late and Ben had to get back to his house soon. We were again running out of time.

Mark worked hard at looking anywhere...even if it wasn't in the coordinated points. He found 1/2 an eaten dead mouse and an old cellphone...but no cache. WE REALLY SUCK!!! We finally had to give up and head home. Is it really that HARD? WHY ARE WE HAVING SUCH PROBLEMS? We have the machine for the rest of the week, so were going to keep trying, but so far,  the bad luck has us all feeling like this is just NO FUN!!! Volunteering this afternoon as we may be out of town next week and I have to finalize my online classes before my in class classes start next week.