Friday, April 18, 2014

The life and times of a Liverpool Housewife.

Monday's weather was BEAUTIFUL and of course I had agreed to work at my Volunteer job. I was even more disappointed when my mother, my eldest and my daughter reported they were all hiking in the woods that afternoon. Just my luck, and it rained when I got home. Tuesday was less beautiful. I woke to rain; which incidentally I do enjoy. There is something about the rain hitting the roof and splashing down the gutters that is calming. I should have made having a porch a priority before we moved in. I could spend hours sitting when it rains like it has been. Back awning is not up yet, so I will have to listen through the open windows.YES!!!!! the windows have been open now for four whole days....It may be that spring has finally arrived in upstate NY. Of course I am NOT placing any bets that we are totally FREE of that white stuff.

It snowed just days after Easter last year. Today we have Gavin's 6 month ear check up. It's hard to believe that six months ago he had his final ear test. His hearing loss was difficult to deal with, but somehow he and we have all adjusted.  

His appointment went as well as expected. Hearing loss is still the same. Concerns with allergies has determined that we need to return in 6 weeks as there was fluid in his good ear. He was quite upset that we will need to come back sooner then 6 months to a year. In the meantime it is Allegra all the way baby.
After dropping him off at school I was soon on my way to the Vera House monthly in-service. Loren was the presenter. She supervises the educators and is the one who runs the committee I am on. Nice women and great stuff that Vera House presents to the community.
After the in-service I was not in the door one second when I missed Mark's call as well as several others. (This would have been a good day to have my cell phone, but mine is currently broken). Gavin was at the school sick. He had been throwing up. It was determined later his "gag" reflexes were the result of finding something displeasing in his school lunch. I took him home anyways. He has determined to NEVER eat the school lunch again. He didn't have any problems with the bacon and pancakes I made. It was Breakfast for dinner (nearing payday and low on grocery stash) and he seemed to be just fine the rest of the evening.
I awoke this morning to SNOW!!!! Somehow I knew it was too good to be true. I had put out a proposal for a mini day trip with some friends and so far EVERYONE is busy. I might have to re-decide what we might do on good Friday. Kids are off on break. There are three FREE movies at the Library...but Gavin has seen two of them and has no interest in seeing Saving Mr. Banks....if the snow sticks, then we might be stuck inside.....guess we will figure something out.

I spent Wednesday literally doing absolutely NOTHING. Well next to nothing, after breaking the washing machine and the vacuum (the story of my life)...I watched something like 5 episodes of The Real House wife's of NYC.   It is possible I am sinking into a deep depression or perhaps I have lost my mind.

This, my dear housewives of NY is what I do all day.... So unexciting as those NY wives. I cant even imagine what fun viewers would get from the Housewives of Liverpool....It would be pretty funny, but a whole lot less drama. I just cant help myself with some of these I was to lazy to do anything else on Wednesday but veg out after finding the washing machine S*&* the bed as well as the vacuum cleaner. Whats a girl to do? Watch those women who pay people to clean their house and don't worry if their equipment breaks of course.
Thursday was a bit more exciting. I had my c-pap equipment delivered to my house. Apparently borderline sleep apnea  is enough for my insurance company to deem me in need. I still have mixed feelings and recognize that shedding a few pounds would be the cure all of several of my current ailment, but in the meantime...... I obviously would prefer to stuff my FACE and sleep with a mask pumping OXYGEN into me at night then DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. ( Sarcasm in the HOUSE!!!). Anyways....after the fitting and strict lecture that my insurance company WILL NOT pay if I am not compliant with using it; I have one month to prove I am attempting to use this and yes they have a way of finding out... I am not sure how, but I was not provided with answers on that one. Once the C-pep guy left my daughter and I went for lunch at Wegmans and then headed off to OCM BOCES for orientation on her LPN class.

Although she had intended to explore the RN program at Onondaga Community College, this make better sense in the present moment. It's less time and less money.

 She wont have her Degree when she is finished, but she can enter the work force. She is just one of those kids who needs to have her own inspiration to  get her on board with furthering her education, and when or if she is ready she will do it. After the orientation, I was thinking perhaps I should get my LPN too....why not I already have a few letters after my name that are doing a whole lot of nothing for me...perhaps LPN would. It's a nine month program which appears to be pretty intense. Once she has completed she will register for the test and if she passes she will have her Licence. The instructor reported that some LPN's start out making over $40 thousand a year....(and I went to school for all those years for what again?) Of course it's hard work and I am sure it will be difficult, but I know she can do it. She has to take a few entrance exams and since she had an IEP in high school she can have the testing accommodate her learning problems. We decided to take a trip to her old high school.

She visited with old teachers and especially her favorite secretary Ms. Damash (I am killing her name). I have to attribute several positive changes to this women and the principal. Alexis might not have had such a successful completion of High School if it wasn't for these people. We need to obtain records of her IEP and diagnosis for her to take the tests. We also have to explore some pre-testing materials too.
We had a good day exploring all this.
Once Gavin got home from school, and Mark from work we went to dinner at Heids. No pictures as we have been there several times before. The original plan was to go to Onondaga Lake Park with the dogs and then have dinner, but Gavin is so terrified that Riley will somehow escape and get hurt or lost. His fear around this has become so intense that even taking him for a walk around the neighborhood makes him anxious. Mark is not thrilled and he was not at all excited to go to this restaurant that he has avoided his entire time living in the area. To make it worse, there were some problems with getting our meals, primarily the servers where "stupid"...and there was this one RUDE customer who had walked in front of us that put me over the edge. We have always had good service, but Mark will NOT be making a return visit I am sure. We are going to attempt to take  a trip with the dogs today, we will see how Gavin and the dogs handle it. For now, this has been the unexciting life and times of this Liverpool Housewife. TTFN
PS- The c-pep machine sucked and I did not sleep better.