Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Finally the Cheesecake factory and my WINNING Tickets to Funny Bone!!!

Last week I got an email telling me I had WON four tickets to Funny Bone Comedy Club. Of course I was not about to turn that down...
(Picture is of Christine, my lovely daughter, Comedian Ben Roy and Tammy. )
Since it was Tammy's birthday last week I offered her a night out. Lexi went as she was with me when I checked my winning email. I checked with them about her age and since I was okay with it, they were too. The jokes were pretty vulgar, but Lexi was fine with it as was I.
We all met for dinner and guess what...THIS TIME WE GOT IN AND HAD A MEAL AT CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!

 Mac and Cheese Hamburger...
Unfortunately we didn't get to wish Tammy a happy birthday with a slice of cheesecake as we were running late for the Funny Bone Show!

She did have a big glass of wine however, and I think she was glad she avoided the singing.  I was worried about budget so I stuck with my old faithful of burgers, but stepped outside of my box and had a Mac and Cheese hamburger. The burger was a little overdone, but the fried mac & cheese was yummy. Christine and Tammy's smelled and looked delish. We hurried off much to quick to really enjoy our meals...A return visit for CHEESECAKE is a must.
Now off to the COMEDY..

I cannot remember the first comic's name, (maybe this is something Funny Bone should think about....how about putting the names of the comics somewhere other then a blurb on the screen of the feature artist) but the feature act was Ben Roy.

As usual, they comedy was out of control.
Youtube steal to give you a little flavor of this guys HILARITY!!! WARNING...THERE IS SOME VULGARITY!!!!

I must admit, I enjoyed this show more then any of the previous. Don't tell the Women of Comedy, but Ben Roy had me nearly crying I was laughing so hard. Its a good thing that Lexi and I have such a healthy relationship, as most Mom's and daughters might not get through the awkwardness...instead we just laughed our asses off.  I didn't have to ask if Tammy and Christine enjoyed themselves..I heard how much they liked the show, especially Tammy....she was laughing so hard. I have decided nothing is more stress relieving or therapeutic then a good comedian. From now on I will no longer be making recommendations to a mental health clinic or prescribing Dr. Instead I will be recommending comedy from now on.
We had such a great evening. It is always so nice to get out with the girls and having some amazing talent to do with it made it all that much more fun!