Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BLUR....goes a week

Have you ever just had some days in your life that have came and went so quickly you nearly can remember what you did? That has been my week.Sunday I started Transformation with church. It is a seven week program.In addition to Sunday warship,  we meet weekly in small groups and we are transforming our lives. Each week is a new area of change ie..transform. This week has been spiritual growth.

My Spiritual goals include; 1.Spending some time everyday with God and 2. Tithe (I am so awful at this). Our small group is at Sandy's and Jenny, Tammy and I are doing this all together. After our first group Tammy, Jenny and I all got ice cream.....this could be bad, especially since the physical change isn't for a few weeks yet. There are 8 of us in the group total. 7 women; Me, Sandy, Tammy, Jenny, Danny, Johnnie Lynn and  Kelly  (whom I just recently met) and one male, I can't remember his name. Poor guy. It's all be rather interesting....
I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving very little room for much of anything else. I caught myself up on Thursday and had a mandated meeting on Friday. I signed myself up for this Healthy Women Freebee on Thursday night that sounded like supper fun...but all of my intended friends to join me missed registration. I decided not to go. It is the beginning of a series so I am hoping I can do the next one. I did some homework from my Albany class, and spent Friday afternoon, (It rained all DAY) doing digital scrapbooks at Studio J.
The weekend was a blur of activities all relating to Close to My Heart. Friday evening was our Hearts a Flutter consultant club and Saturday was our Team Meeting.

 Kate and Sandy at H-A-F consultant club.

My new friend and new Consultant Donna.          And of course Lara.
Pictures of our team meeting,

Love these ladies. We always have great fun and learn lots of things. Here are my projects.

Here are some more...

Sunday was AMAZING:
I meet up with Sandy, Danny and Sandy's daughter Liberty at The American Dinner in the Village of Liverpool for an early breakfast before church, and if I could figure out how to pull up my video from my phone I would post on the scene I came into at Church. The choir was singing "Happy" and we all sang and started dancing. Then the youth choir sang and we danced with drums made from rain barrels. Plus I ran into a friend I have not seen in years. She was standing right behind me. The service was amazing. I had a great day that followed despite going into work at the inpatient.
Monday came and went, I attended small group on Monday evening, and we are now working on PHYSICAL! I made a commitment to get back to the gym, loose 20 pounds and watch my calories. Tuesday I made it to the gym, I am dedicated to a week of YOGA! I worked Tuesday evening and it was a total dysfunctional disaster, ...It was a really crummy. In an attempt to be more creative and try something different, I lost total control of my group and basically NO ONE LEARNED ANYTHING. I am dreading going back again tonight. I am not telling my "I told you so" husband about my crummy night. I have some yoga and shopping planned for today before my 8 hours this evening. Sorry this post was a jumbled mess. TTFN