Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers Day.

Let me start by wishing you Mom's a Wonderful MOTHER's DAY!! I hope it was special.

Saturday began with 8 hours of work, although somehow I miss read my mind or my clock and was 15
minutes late..A-DUH!!! I also double scheduled myself for next week. How can someone who ONLY works a few hours a month get it so WRONG???
It was however, late or not an EASY 8 hours that I will gladly see in my paycheck next Thursday. I work today as well,...and tomorrow and Wednesday and Friday. I thought I was working Thursday...but that  is the day I messed up. At any rate I will be working a lot, and I have to shove in a lot quickly for todays blog.
First up..Happy Mothers Day!!!
I was blessed with several gifts on Mother's Day. Both the material and with people I love.

My Mother's Day STASH!!! Yes, that is 3 Benjamin' s....everyone already knows I will NEVER SPEND IT ALL ON MYSELF....we will simply ALL be blessed with a little extra cushion this week and next.
But let me back track just a little. I think I offered up some of my Friday...well here is a little end result from my cleaning and organizing too.

It will never stay like this. I do have another problem on my hand however. Apparently basketballs need baths in bathroom sinks and they bounce at vanity mirrors of their own FREE will.

We now have a broken bathroom mirror. There is no way to simply replace the center mirror. I am feeling more and more like the "Crack" house. I should take a picture of the old toilet seat holding the broken fence door up on the side of the house, or the mattress and sand filter we have not been able to dispose of sitting on the side yard for about three years....YEP!!! WE ARE WHITE TRASH...nothing against those who can relate...I say it proudly...but I am NOT PROUD!!! Truth is we have A-LOT to do.
We did make some movement and were the last house on the block to mow the grass....but we have much work to do as of yet.
>>>>>WOW I sure do DRIFT.. Saturday after my 8 hours I was whisked away to a nice dinner at UNO's with the Boys.

After dinner we stopped at a carnival in the parking-lot of a K-mart....(I am not going to say a thing, but does anyone else think that is ODD???)
 This is what they looked like before the ride...not looking so well after.

The boys loved it and after some rides, we ATE the biggest FRIED DOUGH ever. I had some pictures on my phone, but they didn't load. I'm not sure why.
After ALL that fun...Mark went to The Turning Stone to meet up with friends and I went to bed...I was pooped!!
Mother's day was amazing. The weather was perfect for coffee and newspaper reading on the patio, which I enjoyed. Then church, which was AMAZING and the first service in being TRANSFORMED and a nice BRUNCH at Denny's. (Nearly everyone else in the world thought so too, it was PACKED).
 My Church gave every mother a rose. Love it!
 Mark's Peanut Butter and Chocolate pancakes.
The Big Breakfast was so yummy...even though it took us nearly two hours to sit, get and eat it.
After Brunch we took the dogs for a walk and to the dog park. Some signs of spring along the way..
 The Geese...which seems to be both a sign of Spring and Fall...enjoying the water in the Spring and Flying South above our heads in the fall.
 How about this guy......This may come as a surprise, but I am NOT a fan of snakes. I am not one of those ewww...I can't even look Yuck..snake people, but I am far from one of those WOW...isn't he so cool lets try and catch him so we can hold him people either. What was so incredibly interesting about this and the two others we saw on our walk along the lake is I have NEVER seen one let alone Three gliding gracefully across the water.  Honestly I have not been hiding under a rock, I simply just was NOT looking. Possibly a good thing as I might NEVER have taken a swim at some of the area lakes if I had known there was a chance I could swim up face to face with this guy. What I did find was I was mesmerized by their speed and graces as they moved about the lake surface like it was glass. I just never thought they were animals that would enjoy or seek out water. Mark thought I was CRAZY I'm sure and he was not at all as interested as I was, so I took some more pictures and quickly caught up with man and dog dragging my little Peanut who will gladly take the time to sniff yet another blade of grass as I ponder my surroundings.
 Even if I am not a Snake person, I will admit these guys were pretty cool.
I watched as these two Geese squawked on the shore line then suddenly took flight to land here near a solo goose out on the water. They made quite a splash and several others soon joined in. Bullying isn't only in the school.....YOU STOP PICKING ON HIM!!!! I shouted more to myself then anyone else...Peanut might have heard..but that green patch had some serious doggy messages to read and he didn't even lift his head.
 Ever since Peanut was attacked in the larger dog side of the Park, I have been acutely aware of him when we are in there and when I saw a Husky that looked similar to the one that attacked him I rushed to pick him up and we were soon visiting with pups just his size....He thinks he is big and bad with the big dogs, but if a dog his height try's to get in his face...he runs like a chicken...This little one was just the right size.

After some park, some back yard cleaning, and some relaxing... Mark and I searched out a new Vanity at Lowes. I always feel so HANDY when I am at places like Lowes..Like I can suddenly build my own house from the ground up. It always seems so doable when at the store...of course we all know I am not even close to being SKILLED...I asked the check out clerk if Lowes offers any classes? He looked at me like I was from space. He had no idea, and his friend he asked was just as clueless. The only thing he could say was that his parents had learned to tile here once... Mark and I had a good laugh about the whole thing, maybe we will never become BOB the Builder, but it is fun to imagine we could.

Pretty busy week, now I have to DRESS appropriate, no sweats today for work. I do not miss having to dress up and quite enjoy spending entire days wearing the same thing I could have easily worn to bed the night before...(did I mention I am not proud of my Trash status?) Anyways I am off...TTFN