Friday, May 2, 2014

Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA

On Sunday we all went to the YMCA in Fayetteville, NY. They were hosting a Healthy Kids Day and there were a ton of fun events going on throughout the day.

Several area shops and agencies were available with discussions, free items, screenings, games etc. The YMCA offered scavenger hunts and bingo boards too. My boys were simply not interested and headed right for the gym activities. Tammy and her family (minus her boys) joined us in the fun.The YMCA did a great job of having ongoing fun healthy sports for the kids to engage in. They had Otto too, the Syracuse University Orange Mascot.

The kids participated in several of the games. Including "Radioactive" ball. Otto played too. He was really silly.
Game on...

Object is to hit the bigger ball with the little ball....The kids liked it, what can I say. After a few more structured games in the gym, and some fun discussion with one of my co-workers at SBH, who also works at the YMCA. (Jessica) the kids were ready for the POOL.
Since it had been so long since any of the kids had been to this YMCA, and it was Allie's first time, they all had to re-take the deep end water test. All three of the grumbled about that. They all three passed. Gavin has improved so much over the last year, he really looked great. Deep end approved they were off to the water slide!
 Gavin at the bottom.
 Then Ben...
and last but not least Allie.
I love this YMCA pool so much better then ours. The kids took multiple trips down the slide before they moved to other areas of the pool. Gavin spent some time in lap pool area, but they mostly stayed near the splash park and played basketball

 Gavin really did NOT want his picture taken.

 He tried to hide...
But I finally got one with a smile. Gotcha!
Mark was the only adult who put on a swim suite, and he snuck off to hang out in the hot tub. Smart guy that one. Tammy, Rich and I discussed making plans for Memorial Day weekend. Last year, we all went to Jellystone in North Java, NY. We agreed another camping trip was in cabins so we do not FREEZE. There is a nice one in Lake George, so were going to explore that one or consider returning to PA. Definitely some things to consider.
Once pool fun ended, the kids were off to play some more gym games.
There was obstacle courses and basketball countdowns. The kids had so much fun.

Tammy asked Gavin if he would join basketball with Allie at our YMCA. He actually agreed. We shall see if this happens. We tried it once with no success....but he seems much more committed to basketball now.

The kids tried timed basketball shooting before we all decided lunch/dinner was in order and we headed to Red Robin for some food. (Nothing says HEALTHY like eating a ton of bottomless french fries).

It became a great Sunday activity for all of us.