Monday, May 5, 2014

May the Fourth Be with you...with some Collect-a-Con

Sunday morning Hubby, Gavin, Tammy's daughter Allie and I were off to Collect-a-con. A spin off of some other kind of something-a-con...or this-a-con. I'm not sure what..but I believe the CON part of CON is for CONVENTION.....In September Gavin, Mary, Alex and I went to I have some idea of what this stuff is all about, but this wasn't horror based. Most of what was there was Collective TOYS!!

The fact that it was STAR WARS DAY and there was a ton of Star Wars stuff was cool. I couldn't help but get a tab bit NOSTALGIC about these characters.
 When I was a little many moons ago... in a galaxy far far away I happened to be the QUEEN of Star Wars dolls. My Uncle worked at some retail store and would send me every character as they were stocked on the shelves. His words of wisdom at the time was....KEEP THEM IN THE BOX...DO NOT PLAY WITH THEM....THEY'll BE WORTH $$$$$$ SOME DAY!!!!
Did I listen??? Of Course NOT!!! Instead these little guys were immediately ripped out of their plastic seal and soon found themselves integrated into the odd little families I had developed into neighborhoods located outside under my parents large pine tree. My Star Wars figures lost their identities once that box they came in, hit the trash. My Star Wars Figures were happily married couples, some became slightly "different" children who played in the local pine needle playground. My Luke never swung a light saber at his dark father...they played with children and loved their wives. Poor Leah...she was a sister and a lover for many. I must have played with these guys for days upon days when I was a kid. I simply loved them. Of course now I am wishing I had listened to my Uncle. They are a HOT buy and many are worth TONS of MONEY.   An Original 1977 Luke Skywalker out of the box is something like $35-. He might have cost my uncle 99 cents and he got an employee discount too.

This collect-a-con sure did bring back memories. There were several other "hot" toys of yesteryear featured and some new as well. Gavin enjoy's the Pop Vinyl figures... His current collection are STILL IN THE BOX!
 We got a ton of FREE (with admission of course) items including these Iron Man masks. What fun is that.
 Allie posed with the Green Lantern
 and Mark hung out with Taz.
Chewy....and the family...looks very similar to my Pine tree neighbors.
There was some pretty interesting stuff to look at. Old toys, new toys, tons and tons and tons of comic books. Perhaps my favorite toys at this show however were the LEGO's!!!!!

This stuff was AMAZING!!!

An entire WORLD of LEGO's.
I was pretty impressed. This "collection" is entirely owned by three men who travel around spending hours rebuilding these scenes. The one man told me it takes about 12 hours to set up and nearly two days to take it all down. Primarily it takes longer to take down as they have systems of boxing up. NOT ONE PIECE IS GLUED!!!! I couldn't even imagine.

I wish I got a LONG shot. This lego world spanned the entire was truly amazing!

 Just the little characters was pretty cool.

I spoke about the lego store in Florida and the lifelike family/ creatures on the walk way and I was told that they had build a life sized Yoda one. They had to build an interior chris-cross section just to hold up the weight of the lego's. That would have been pretty impressive. Gavin choose a Lego character for himself. A panda bear.

Up next was video games and we got to meet a few characters.

There were two rooms full of video games. The kids had  FREE play and there were scheduled competitions later in the afternoon. Allie and Gavin played for quite some time.
 The Ghost Busters
 Quailman?...Yeah?? I had to ask too.
Jaba's side kick. He moved and made noise too.
We did a few more sweeps of the tables to make sure we had not missed anything before we decided that we had enough. Next up was lunch.
We made our way to Great Northern mall for lunch at Friendly's. I used my bath and body coupon and scored three FREE body sprays and the kids played a memory game with a Coke machine. You heard me right, a coke machine that plays game.
Stopping in a few more shops, Allie scored with some Pokemon cards (Both Nick and Gavin had those. Another wish I kept toy), and Gavin was able to twist dad's arm and get himself another pop vinyl character to add to his collection.
 Gavin announced that he was a GERD...a GEEK and a NERD put together. I would agree that this was definitely a nerdy but TOTALLY COOL adventure we had. I don't think NERD has the same meaning as it did when I was a kid. But back in the 80's what did any of us really know about being cool? Mullets... neon..big hair...parachute pants...The NERD of today are much COOLER then we ever were. Happy Star Wars Day....nothing GEEKY about that at ALL!!!