Saturday, May 10, 2014

WOOSH..where did the week go?

No trips to report this week, but I wasn't simply sitting home all week either. In fact, I am still attempting to recall just where this week went. I worked both Monday and Tuesday. Monday morning was at Vera House taking Crisis Calls. I had one call that I will perhaps never forget. It was perhaps the first time that I ever felt REAL FEAR for the caller. She had called looking for help from fleeing her abuser as most of my calls are, but her situation was far more concerning then some of the calls I had taken in the past. I had never been more on ALERT and never felt over a phone conversation the REALITY of her world perception. The Vera House team did what they do, I did what I do and we got her somewhere safe, but it was all very intense. My afternoon was at SBH, I covered an outpatient group.
Tuesday I worked covering the child care department at SBH. I am not good with snotty noses, but these cuties were clear of snot and were tons of fun. Although they are looking for a childcare worker....I AM NOT a child care candidate. One "odd" day of coverage was enough for me. Tuesday evening I assisted with taking down the annual Vera House Clothesline display. Rows of shirts hang as a reminder of abuse/domestic violence.  Last year I was active in stationing the event. This year due to conflicts in my schedule I missed the display. Most of everything was taken down by the time I got there.
Here are some pictures from last year.

My participation did open up an opportunity for potential employment with the shelter as needed and as wanted. I submitted my resume to Jen. I guess we will see where that leads, if anywhere at all, I really do not have a clear awareness of the position and what it entails. I guess it would be nice to get paid for my service, so we shall see.
My daughter got her drivers licence on Wednesday. She passed on the first try. So far she is the only one to  pass on try number one...she even beat me, it took me two times. At any rate, now she is seeking a new car for herself. I am supper proud.

Wednesday was spent attending a training at REACH-CNY. The FREE training was on Prevention of HIV/AIDS. I learned a lot. Harm reduction is foreign to most "old time" addiction counselors. The idea of suggesting that an alcoholic try reducing their daily intake to 2 bottles of beer a night from 12 seems strange. Reality is this might be where treatment may be going. Of course this class was not on alcohol/drug use specifically, but more on preventing the spread of the HIV virus or reducing those already infected with HIV on suppressing their T-cell counts etc. I will not pretend to be fluent in the treatment or awareness of HIV, Hepatitis or STI. STI's are what we used to call STD, Sexually transferred Diseases are now Sexually Transferred Infections.  I guess so we can be more politically correct. At any rate I learned quite a bit, including things like how to use a internal condom and a dental dam. Bet most people cannot say they have that skill. (No I will not be teaching or speaking more on the subject here).
Thursday I said goodbye to Lyndon my mini-van. I'll admit initially I was all for saying goodbye to the mommy mobile and giving a sporty welcome to the idea of a Rav 4, but as the day for exchange got closer I found I was having a bit of anxiety. It has been nearly 20 years that I have been driving a mini van (for the exception of the brief few months I drove my Kia Sportage before I found out I was pregnant with baby #3.) Most of my driving experience has a mini-van. There is something comforting about a mini-van and there is TONS of space. Not only room to roam, but ton's of space between you and the drivers around you...there is some safety in knowing, I AM BIGGER THEN YOU! Beyond the space, there are the memories. Memories of long trips, with tons of friends, ALL the kids fitting in one space, camping trips watching movies from the side of the open door. Drive in movies watched from the roof. Sandy baby feet from trips to the beach, bikes, balls, camping equipment, and just about everything one might need for a long weekend retreat to anywhere.  The real possibility that YEP...If I needed a place to stay for the mini-van could make a nice make shift bedroom. I am going to trade all that for a tiny tin can....well regardless it's done and now I am a proud driver of a RED Rav4. Originally we were going to lease a new one, but instead we took my husbands mothers old  Rav 4. This way in three years, we will not be in the same position we were with my already missed Lyndon. The Rav will be ours to keep....."forever and ever and ever" Lines from the horror movie The Shining. Am I sounding a bit unsettled? I'll admit I am for now. I know with time I will start to love this beauty even more then my MOM mobile.
Here she is, Gavin named her "Lipstick"....

Of course I already hooked her up with our dancing hula girl on the dash. Soon she will have the State Park Access pass on her window ready for a new season of tracking in the NY woods.
Thursday afternoon was spent dealing with my elder's financial aide. How is it that we cannot claim him on our income tax? He is no longer eligible for child support or his fathers disability? He is not covered on our health insurance, or even lives in our house....BUT under NY State financial Aide he is somehow our responsibility????? Filling out those forms is a nightmare, and he is not going to get any $ any hoot!!! Well I did my part..which is really ALL OF IT!!!  Funny that I am not suppose to have access to his account but its all my information that is needed.
Friday I caught up on shopping. We were in need of groceries, and I had some coupons that would expire if I didn't take care of them ASAP. $10 FREE at Khols is $10 in FREE items....and about the only time I ever go shopping at a retail store for myself ever. I bought a pair of last seasoned sun glasses marked from $30- (NEVER WOULD I PAY THAT) to $10.30. I got my new shades for 30 cents plus tax. I threw in a nice piece of mothers day jewelry (also on clearance) and my final bill was $8.90. Happy mothers day to me!!!
I also scored some crazy insane dirt deal prices at Walmart. Bike accessories were slashed to $1.00. I found two bike lights, and a bike accessory bag. I also purchased an insulated lunch bag (hot pink) for myself should I ever return to work I might need a lunch bag and three pairs of goggles (only $1-)  I bought a hello kitty phone case for a $1- too, but I under estimated the size and it doesn't fit my phone. Win some loose some. Groceries and shopping done I attacked the kitchen cabinets and cleared out 10 plus years of pans, serving trays and other kitchen gadgets that NEVER get used to make better use of the things we do use. Friday night I was asleep by 9pm...All those shopping deals popped me out. I am just about ready now to head off to an 8 hour shift at the Inpatient unit.....(kicking myself...because it looks like it will be a beautiful day...) I have already assembled my back yard awning and new (Garage Sale $10 find) table, now I just need some time to sit and relax at it  with a good book....looking at my NEW (I also got this at Walmart yesterday) $1- date book it might be some time before I can actually sit down and do so.. Til next time..TTFN