Saturday, June 7, 2014

2014 Greek Festival: St. Sophia's

Thursday afternoon Gavin and I picked Mark up from work and headed off to St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox church for some annual GREEK Festival fun.

This (41st, according the flyer) annual event has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I dare say there has been a year missed over my lifetime. The event has often symbolized the beginning of summer for me and most years have been raging with heat, this year was overcast and cool. It may have kept the crowds down as this event has stretched it's capacity to the limit as it's popularity has increased over the years.
Thursday afternoon/evening has been the most likely date to attend for this anti-crowd gal. I usually run into my friend Carol with her boys and her mom. We didn't see her this time, but Mark found some co-workers. First stop is to step into the food line.

Mark gets the chicken, Gavin a hot dog and I get my every year the same Pastichio Dinner. It is basically pasta and beef. (It seemed a little different this year, but I am not sure what changed).

We enjoy the Greek music playing as we eat and watch as the crowds get larger under the big white tents next to the church.  
A trip to the Greek Festival cannot go without checking out a few deserts. So inside and up the stairs we go for some Honey Puffs.

Always a favorite. Baklava, another one of my favorites was skipped this year, I didn't even go and get a glance at the assortment of pastries they had this year. They are always beautiful and always YUMMY! Watching that weight don't you know.

Some trips to the shops and we were ready to head downstairs when I noticed the door to the chapel was opened.

We slipped in.
After all those years of attending the event I never saw the beauty of this cathedral. It was truly impressive, and if I didn't think I was a disturbance to the preacher who was leading a group tour of the room I would have taken much more pictures.

It was so impressive even Gavin was in awe.  

We spent some time listening to the stories about the paintings before we headed back outside for the dancing.

These children are so cute. I just love watching them dance.

Then we were blessed with the older kids. Years ago many of my friend Lynne's family would dance and these boys got to be pretty good. I am not sure if they have an older older adults dance, but they would twirl around and dance low to the ground. It always made the crowds get rowdy. Later in the evening we would dance to the music ourselves. I don't think you could catch me at this age. Back then  the adults had liquid courage and we were stupid kids. Maybe someday......I so wish I had some pictures from those days.
Full of GREEK specialties, a church tour and some beautiful dancing we decided to head home, knowing quite well we will be back for another plate of Greek food next year. Ooopa! (even spell check cant figure this one out)