Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do I get my L.M.H.C or NOT???? Oswego State University. Oswego, NY

NY State is a mess with it's accepted licenses, it's certifications, and what professionals can or can't do....for years I have complained that I could move to other States and do what I have a background in and people would pay me. In NY State, well they wont pay have meet a, b, and c. At any rate...It all BOILS down to how can you get the MONEY and NY State wants it part in it, so not only do you have to demonstrate multiple years of schooling, spend nearly 20 years within a profession (in my case), but you must ALSO jump through some hoops, meet with their hard to understand jargon based criteria and above all PAY the BILL. I have a TON of Should of's, would of and Could of around this stupid LICENSE and I am just NOW finally making SOME BIG MOVES.  Long and short.I graduated with my Masters degree in Counseling in 2004. Since that date, NY State has established a License for such practice. In theory it makes sense that there should be some checks and balance for what people are doing to another's mental health, but it has been a royal pain in the ass to get, nearly 10 years later. I guess I shouldn't complain to much I DID this to myself. NY State did offer a Grandfather period in which I could have simply SLIPPED into the License as it was happening,( with several hoops to jump through and money to pay as well of course) but I decide then I just didn't need it and I missed the GRANDFATHER deadline...DUMMY!!! So NOW here I am 10 years later going MAN.....WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF????
A few years ago I sent in my nearly $600- fee to have NY State "talk to me" via an email, got what was required listed and set of by making my way through what was expected. One SLOW SLOW SLOW Step at a time. (I first sent in my application in 2009). Somewhere in 2011 I made some BIG steps.....I connected with Syracuse University, spoke with the head of the department about my situation and was told..."Yes you can take any course you want here at nearly 4 GRAND...but we cannot support your requirement for internship". Not a total door slam, but certainly a disappointment....I took my first return to GRAD school in the Spring semester of 2013. IT WAS DIFFICULT... DiFFERENT and although I gained a wealth of information just PLAIN NOT WHAT I EVER WANT TO DO again..EVER!!!
After I finished the course, quit my job...and had some INSANE thoughts (they are still resonating there) on what do I want to do with my LIFE....we COME TO NOW!!!
I'd like to say I had some Clarity with things but I am just as lost as to what to do next. I contacted my Graduate school advisor and planned a date to meet and pick through this mess of what I need and where I need to head.

Here is what I found....
1. One of the courses required I have, but will need to send in the course outline to define what was presented in the class.
2. I have 300 of the 600 hours of internship required. Meaning I will need to do another 300 hours of internship.
3. My degree was only 35 hours at graduation I completed with 45..I took the SU course last spring for another 3 hours making it 48. Leaving me 12 credit hours shy.
What it all ends up to is I have to PLAIN and SImple JUST DO IT!!! Thing is I don't WANT to!!! Which leads me back to HOW I GOT IN THIS SPOT IN THE FIRST PLACE....
At any rate I spoke with my husband about the situation and it looks like I have some THINKING and money finding to do. Oswego is cheaper then SU (although I went for FREE) but it is still NOT FREE and I have to find 12 credit hours of CASH!!!
I have a lot of thinking to do....
Thanks for reading. Any thoughts or supportive theory welcomed.