Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fun days at Gavin's elementary

My youngest son Gavin, is very particular about MOST things. Somethings are more surprising then others, but when he announces that he would like to go to a school event, it is usually a BIG surprise.
 Now I am not saying he dislikes school, he is just one of those kids who in his own words"...has better things to do".  I am not sure I would agree that his idea of things is better, but I have some pretty crazy idea's about the better things to do myself.
Unlike my older two children who were thrilled to go to every event, every cookout, every explore day, every talent show, every band concert, every chorus concert (Okay maybe not Chorus least not Nick)..Gavin would prefer to stay home when he does not have to be there, avoiding anything about school like the plaque. When he reports an interest in a school based event, Mark and I usually take heed and make a plan to attend.

The School Fun Days are pretty much just a ton of kids running around, food, prizes and auctions and drawings. This year was no exception.
 Dinner- Good deal for $2- hot dog, chips and a soda!
 After dinner game of Kickball.
 Bounce House and games- The boys skipped these this year.
 More kickball
Dunk Tank..
 Our neighbor Sam takes a shot. The dunked is also our neighbor- Tracy

 She got pretty wet....apparently even if they nicked the target they got to run up and push the lever...SPLASH!!!! I gotta give her credit!
Her own child push's the lever here and down she goes!! Her kids must think this is GREAT!!!!

He shoots he scores...
The boys spent some time playing basketball before the hours went breezing bye and we all said Goodbye to another school fun day event til next year. I reminded Gavin that he only has ONE more year in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL...YIKES!!! They grow SOOOOO Fast!!! Till next post. TTFN